WoT: Anniversary Bonus Code Easter Egg

In-game on the Special Anniversary tab, you have to hover your mouse cursor on the currently blank small photos in the following order: 1-2-9-3-8-4-7-5.
(You might have to keep your cursor on the image for a few seconds)

You are going to receive:
• Days of WoT Premium Account added: 1
Added: Large First Aid Kit (x1), Large Repair Kit (x1), Automatic Fire Extinguisher (x1), Demounting Kit (x1) Anniversary Coins added: 1

clip of QuickyBaby showcasing it

4 thoughts on “WoT: Anniversary Bonus Code Easter Egg

  1. for me it was a different order; 1-2-3-10-4-9-5-8-6
    If it changes more often, you can find the right order by trying. If you have the next card in the right order, it turns green, if not, red and you have to start over.

  2. If you get it right, the photo stays with a green outline.
    The order as posted was correct for me, but I had to start on the day 2 photo and count from there. (so 2 becomes 1, 10 becomes 9…)

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