WoT Supertest: Object 452K

Object 452K features reliable armor for its tier. The frontal hull armor is thick at 120 mm, and the armor plates mounted at the front of the turret are at good angles, with their effective armor reaching 120 mm. It has great durability of 2,300 HP which allows you to emerge victorious from many duels.

It also offers a top forward speed of 35 km/h, with a specific power of 13.6 hp/t. The vehicle is equipped with a 130 mm gun that deals a high damage of 560 HP and fires every 15 seconds. The penetration values of the standard (AP) and special (HEAT) shells are 260 and 320 mm, respectively. The aiming time is 2.5 s, and the dispersion is 0.4 m.

The Object 452K is a heavy tank that can lead allies on the attack. Thanks to its reliable armor, the vehicle can take enemy fire while letting more lightly armored allies form an offensive. At the same time, you should consider its mediocre mobility and relatively weak side armor. Taking into account its strengths and weaknesses will help unleash the full potential of this vehicle.

14 thoughts on “WoT Supertest: Object 452K

  1. Oh yes, another soviet heavy tank. Its been so long since I last saw one being added to supertest. I can’t wait to buy it. /sarcasm

    1. Few years ago developers said they have enough materials to make 8-10 full soviet heavy branches (tier 4 to tier 10 at that time) so i dont think this is a problem.

  2. WG should be more honest with their gun depression values, there is no way this thing has -7 with such a flat turret.

    Other than that it looks okay, but the armour is a bit of a lie and I expect those slopes to ricochet most shells.

        1. Why though? Who plays World of tanks for its realism or immersion? The game has never even tried to to simulate real life so why are you asking for less than -5 gun depression?

          All that would achieve is to satisfy some dumb tank historian and make half the Russian tech tree unbareable to play.

  3. Big 60tp vibes. Actually looks to be kinda like a 50tp at t10 which is cool, 50tp is such a beast of a tank. 560 alpha with very similar stats to the 50tp (slightly better reload and aim time), depends on the dispersion but looks decent. very similar speed to 50tp, just slightly more hp/t. This tank has a huge lower plate though, and it doesn’t have superheavy HP, though 2300 is pretty good. Turret looks pretty decent too with 120 mm of well angled armor, and has a cupola on top which is always good. So yeah, looks like a tier 10 50tp, even visually lol

  4. Somewhere around 2250 dpm stock, armor that relies heavily on its angling that’s gonna get ripped by heat, mobility being on the lower end for a heavy, and what one can assume is a gun thats got very poor soft stats. It’s neat, but I doubt it’s gonna be anything too interesting like a new reward tank.

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