WoT: 56TP – Different Performance Characteristics

This tank is already ready for release, but an interesting situation is looming with it – in the regions, it has different performance characteristics (WG and Lesta).
For some reason, Lesta additionally weakened the 56TP, which will be given out for free in the 4th temporary chapter of BP-11.[this happened on the second Common Test of 1.21.1]

Why this was done is unclear.

Comparison: EU | RUBY
56TP (Poland, Tier-8, HT, premium)
• Dispersion from movement (max.): 0.20 (8.00) | 0.24 (9.12)
• Dispersion from hull traverse (max.): 0.20 (7.93) | 0.24 (9.51)
• Dispersion from turret traverse (max.): 0.08 (2.67) | 0.12 (4.01)
• Max. forward speed: 40 | 38 km/h
• Max. reverse speed: 14 | 12 km/h
• Engine power: 900 | 800 hp
• Specific power: 16.07 | 14.29 hp/t

16 thoughts on “WoT: 56TP – Different Performance Characteristics

  1. Russia showing their appreciation for Poland due to certain events in Eastern Europe…

  2. Ecksdee…
    Maybe I’ll try to get it after all if it didn’t get that last round of nerfs.

  3. this tank isnt good like other premium on eu and lesta nerf it more?
    but hey complete free and the style too (with free ep)

    1. actually it is not a nerf, its the previous iteration of the tank, we are getting the buffed version

  4. so the russians are getting the second iteration of the tank and we are getting the third one, thats a weird choice i can only laught ait it

          1. Whereas I come here to laugh at all you WG fanbois defending WG every time the game sinks lower

  5. Maybe it will be updated with the patch 1.21.1, nobody can say for sure until it’s officially released.
    But some people here already showed their happiness =)))))
    What a great post XDDD

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