WoT 1.21.1 Common Test: Vehicle Changes (56TP, XM66F)

(Poland, Tier-8, HT, premium)
• Dispersion from movement (max): from 0.20 (8.00) to 0.24 (9.12)
• Dispersion from hull traverse (max): from  0.20 (7.93) to 0.24 (9.51)
• Dispersion from turret traverse (max.): from 0.08 (2.67) to 0.12 (4.01)
• Max. forward speed: from 40 to 38 km/h
• Max. reverse speed: from 14 to 12 km/h
• Engine power: from 900 to 800 hp
• Specific power: from 16.07 to 14.29 hp/t

(USA, Tier VIII, TD, premium)
• Tank repair cost: from 13,000 to 7,800 credits

XM551E4 Hailstorm
 (USA, Tier-10, LT, techtree) | for the “Overwhelming Fire” mode
• Elevation angles: from -10° to -7° gun depression

24 thoughts on “WoT 1.21.1 Common Test: Vehicle Changes (56TP, XM66F)

      1. That won’t make the tank from being any less mediocre, especially when there are other tanks that are more competitive and have high skill caps. Pretty dumb argument from your side

        1. I don’t see anyone arguing except you crying about some shitty tank.
          1 out of over 700 other vehicles 🤷🏼‍♂️

          1. Quantity doesn’t matter much when most of those “700 other vehicles” are junk or mediocre at best.

              1. Unbalanced? Absolutely.

                Pay2win? Kind of, gold ammo and account boosting qualify.

                Unfair? To an extent yes, but most people don’t notice and don’t care.

                1. Unbalanced? You mean maps, tanks or what?
                  Pay2win? Do you have to pay real money to shoot only gold ammo? No. If you pay for account boosting, will you get better results? No.
                  Unfair? How? What would be fair? Give me your best scenario for this game to be balanced and fair.

  1. I was hoping 56TP would be a better alternative to 50TP pr, but the former’s gun handling has become awful. 🙁

      1. I never liked it, I could not stomach the awful gun handling and how prone the tank is to take critical module damage.

        As of this comment, the Polish premium I look forward to the most is the CS-52 C.

        1. At least you got a premium to look forward to; I got none. 🙁
          Or at least, none that are actually announced.
          Still waiting for that tier 8 premium IJA heavy tank… and have been waiting for 8 years as-is.

          1. You can expect a premium Japanese heavy tank when the second Japanese HT line will be added, but that means going through shitty loot boxes or some other scam first. They will also heavily market the new autocannon tanks, if you’re into that.

            I’m mainly waiting for the AMX 13 FL-11, the TITTs medium, and the WZ model 6, time (and money) will tell if I’ll get any of these.

  2. LOL, the 56TP has become a tank that is weakly armored with weak firepower and mediocre mobility?
    A HT that can get pen straight in the face by AP from the same tier HTs without anything to make up for it.
    I’m not surprised though. It’s a typical WG move, isn’t it? =)))))

  3. I wont be surprised if they gonna make this 56tp free to get like the Charlemagne because of how much they are nerfing it

  4. To me it seems that the 56TP will be the reward for the 4th battle pass chapter – getting nerfed right now in the 1.21.1 CT is a clear indication for it.

    1. Would be a bad marketing move tbh, the point of new premiums is that they have to attract customers. A nerfed POS won’t help in that regard (unless Polish patriotism makes some people buy the 56TP anyway).

  5. And on top of that the 56TP has been in the game files for a few months now so it has been properly tested by the supertesters.

  6. Where are the tanks to compete with OP reward and premiums that ruin the game, unbalanced mess of a game, noobs get melted by these OP tanks non stop

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