WoT Supertest: LTS-85 Changes

LTS-85 (USSR, Tier-8, LT, premium)

IMG_20230709_161918_322 IMG_20230709_161917_678 IMG_20230709_161917_949 IMG_20230709_161917_630 IMG_20230709_161917_525 IMG_20230709_161917_690 IMG_20230709_161917_941 IMG_20230709_161917_969 IMG_20230709_161918_324 IMG_20230709_161917_805

• Dispersion from movement (max): from 0.18 (11.70) to 0.12 (7.80)
• Dispersion from hull traverse (max.): from 0.18 (9.39) to 0.12 (6.26)
• Armor penetration of 1 (AP) shell: from 181 to 190 mm
• Armor penetration of 1 (AP) shell at 500m: from 160 to 170 mm
• Flight speed of 1 (AP) projectile: from 927 to 1,027 m/s

23 thoughts on “WoT Supertest: LTS-85 Changes

  1. 181mm pen was already good for a tier 8 LT (175mm is considered normal) but now its 190mm?? and faster AP shells at over 1000m/s???? AND BETTER ACCURACY ON THE MOVE??? wtf

      1. and you, with a name like that, should be reported to the authorities lol. And i god dam agree that this thing doesnt need these buffs tested anyways.

    1. 175 or 190 doesn’t really matter.
      These numbers all mean you need to hit the side or weak LFPs on certain tanks.
      Well-armored tanks like IS-6 don’t care as long as it faces you even if you tap 2.
      Yes 250 HEAT is NOT enough to pen IS-6 frontally unless you’re 50m away to be able to hit its small LFP or you’re above it.
      So in the end of the day, 175 or 190, both are enough for paper tanks and enough for HT sides.
      That’s what it’s supposed to work.

      1. The IS6 UFP is 200 mm effective and the LFP is also 200 mm. At the driver’s side, 220 mm and 250 mm penenetration HEAT ammunition goes through it like a knife through butter!!

        1. =))))))) do you even play the game bro?
          You expect a clueless pigeon facing you straight without any bit of angling at all?
          IS-6’s UFP at the right angle, exact 20*, on FLAT ground, is 240+ vs. APCR and 250+ vs. HEAT.
          If the IS-6 driver uses any degree of his gun depression, good luck penning his UFP with pretty much any tier 8 tank apart TDs and some ultra high pen APCR/HEAT like 300m HEAT from the Iron Arnie.
          Yeah, “hot knife through butter” he said =)))))))))))

          1. Go to the tanks.gg website and check with your own eyes. It doesn’t matter what you do, the 250 mm penetration HEAT takes it like butter! That’s why the IS6 hasn’t been a meta for years, it’s now become a piece of garbage together with its tier 7 ammunition!

            +25% RNG = 250 mm + 62 mm = 312 mm penetration!

            Look at 250 mm penetration HEAT, then switch to IS3 265 mm penetration APCR and see if it is standing frontally there is an 80 – 90% chance of penetration, if it is sidecsreap then the heel (apron) will be 80 – 90% penetrable!

            1. The base view on tanks gg is literally when you’re face hugging the target.
              Tell me how often you do that with any tank, let alone LTs.
              Use your middle mouse, scroll down 3 times you will see how reality looks like.
              Change ammo type to HEAT/HE and look how effective the IS-6’s UFP really is.
              Even if the IS-6 is not angling at all, its UFP is still 240+ and LFP is ~214 against HEAT/HE.
              HEAT/HE has the same normalization of 0*.
              APCR has 2* and AP has 5*.
              Consider this as a free course and no more question asked.

              1. Face hugging means you’ll be shooting down on the UFP, which massively decreases its effectiveness.
                When face hugging, an S.Conq’s APCR can pen UFP of the E5.
                In reality, you might not see that even once in 100 games.

              2. And you think there is no RNG in the game? +25% penetration or -25% penetration and 0%, jumps between, penetration is not constant. That’s why it would be better if it were a simulator and not a fucking lottery where everything is designed for premium ammunition so that you can’t get by with anything else!

                If you don’t believe me, ask other people about the IS6, then you’ll realize that only you adore it, and that’s why it’s available in the bond shop because they only sell garbage in tier 8!

                1. Pen RNG is very different from DMG RNG.
                  It can vary -25%/+25% yes but it stays around the base number a lot more than DMG RNG.
                  You see DMG min/max roll on a daily basis but you rarely see a green indicator results in a non-pen if the shell hit the exact point.
                  There’s no believe or not here.
                  It’s only about reality.
                  I don’t even play the IS-6 anymore, but I’ve been playing against the IS-6 since 2014.
                  Most WoT players are casual players.
                  Casual players don’t make a tank work to its full potential is no surprise.
                  Are you telling me you judge a tank not based on its full potential but based on performances of those who are as clueless as you?

                  1. “I don’t even play the IS-6 anymore, but I’ve been playing against the IS-6 since 2014.”

                    I have no more questions, an emotion based debate where emotion means failure and defeat is the end result!

                    I feel that the IS6 should be nerfed because it is very OP if I go into battle with HE ammunition! I FEEL I’M RIGHT!

                    If you look at the WOT Console tanks, the WOT PC will probably get these buffs, and the IS6 can’t expect anything good, it will have a 190 mm thick tower front and that’s it!

                    In fact, an IS6 HYDRA should be added to the WOT PC, and the tier 8 tier limit should be abolished!

                    1. What kind of emotion-based debate you’re talking about sir?
                      Is it that hard to tell what kind of a HT when you have full info of everything about it?
                      If it’s still hard for you then you might want to play the game more instead of arguing with someone who can go for 100% MoE with tier 10 tanks.

            2. The IS-6’s not meta yes but it’s far away from garbage.
              It’s not a good tank but it can work, especially when you’re not a clueless pigeon.
              Its armor is very specific. You need to know who you can mess with and who you don’t want to mess with.
              The gun is pretty bad but still okay for a tank with pref MM.

              1. I bet you don’t have the IS6, that’s why you’re such an expert, someone who has 3000+ battles with it is literally incompetent on the subject, right?

        2. Oops, sorry I just recheck it.
          It’s 240+ vs. APCR but it’s 260+ vs. HEAT.
          I wonder if you even know why there’s a difference =))))

  2. As expected, they buff its gun.
    Leave accuracy, buff stabilization massively, and a bit faster AP => Overall gun handling is improved but long-ranged sniping capability stays pretty much the same.
    Pretty reasonable buff to be honest.
    Bad accuracy = you can hit tanks but you can’t hit weakspots.
    Good gun stabilization = snap like a snapping turtle.
    Now this thing looks decent enough for me.

    1. XD this is no longer savage. It’s pure disrespect =)))))))
      A lot of players still plays with AP ONLY.
      Me with 50m+ credits all the time, with 2k+ food each nation, with 5k+ repair/1st aid kits in the storage still want to be a cheap bastard who will shoot standard whenever he doesn’t need gold XDDD

      1. You think your opinions are facts when you are a litteral fucking ape with 0 understanding of how the game works. How the fuck can someones ego become this blown up when you are litteral fucking trash at the game. Kill yourself, you dumbass monkey.

        1. I don’t always agree with my man Babe_Plz_Dont_Report_Me from Asia but I can tell he’s a lot fucking better than you are lmao. Their assessment of the lt-85 is pretty fair and objective

    2. @AmphetamineLogic you are the big idiot because even you use gold ammo you still a rubbish player .!.

  3. The dispersion buffs make sense, Russian light tanks are known for their great on the move gun handling. The AP shell buffs are also very welcome.

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