Road to Tankfest 2023: Breaking Records

June was a huge month for World of Tanks, with two massive live-action events. First, Aquino Tank Weekend took place at the Ontario Regiment Museum on June 9–11, then Tankfest hit the prestigious The Tank Museum on June 23–25. Each event featured an awe-inspiring display of tanks, military vehicles, and historical reenactments. World of Tanks was on hand to broadcast each event live, ensuring tank enthusiasts worldwide could experience the spectacle, regardless of their physical location.

Thank You, WoT Community

In addition to our friends at the Ontario Regiment Museum and The Tank Museum, we want to thank the WoT Community. We appreciate you tuning in to our streams—some of which took place during very early hours—and your ongoing passion for and dedication to World of Tanks. None of this would be possible without you!

A Month of Records

June was our Road to Tankfest, featuring a month of historical content:

  • Record-Breaking Live Views: The Aquino Tank Weekend June 11 stream broke our prior record with more than 58,000 concurrent live viewers on Twitch, which breaks down to 9.8 million minutes watched overall.
  • More Record-Breaking Live Views: Our Tankfest Online 2023 historical livestream on June 25 had more than 71,000 concurrent live viewers tuned in to our Twitch stream, which breaks down to 22 million minutes watched overall.
  • Road to Tankfest Content for June 2023: Collected an impressive 1.3 million views to date, which breaks down to 50 million minutes watched overall.
  • Tankfest 2023 Physical Event: Saw more than 26,000 visitors over the course of the weekend—the best attendance in the history of The Tank Museum.

Ferris from Veterans With Dogs improving his win rate.

World of Tanks Gives Back

As part of World of Tanks’ commitment to giving back, we recognize the importance of supporting organizations that work tirelessly to positively impact our communities. We are proud to contribute to their valuable missions.

As such, we teamed up with Veterans With Dogs to raise awareness about their work. We are pleased to announce World of Tanks will donate 10,000 EUR to the charity to help them with their noble cause. Learn more about our campaign and the Veterans with Dogs organization.

We’re delighted to announce the proceeds from this donation will go towards raising a future hero dog, and we’ll be inviting the World of Tanks community to take part in naming the puppy as well as following its steps and progress as it goes through its training and journey towards becoming an assistance dog. Stay tuned!

World of Tanks continues its active role in helping preserve history. As a token of our long-standing friendship and strong relationship with The Tank Museum, we will donate 30,000 EUR. The contribution will support the museum’s efforts to maintain its remarkable collection of tanks and ensure the rich history of armored vehicles remains alive for generations to come.

A massive thanks to all our players who have supported either of the two charities by purchasing any of the fundraising bundles or by donating directly.

Recruit a Friend and Support The Tank Museum

Recruit your friends to get rewards and help The Tank Museum! Have your colleagues create an account using this referral, or use the invite code ALPACA to claim a rental VITiger 131 and a VMatilda Black Prince to keep in World of Tanks PC. For every new player who signs up via this referral, World of Tanks will donate to The Tank Museum. Share the invite code with your friends and take to the battlefield as a team!

You can also support The Tank Museum and its capacity to restore historic vehicles and run events by donating to its Patreon.

Tankfest was a blast—check out the livestream recording to relive it! Thank you for making the event so special, and we can’t wait to see you at Tankfest again next year!

Roll Out!

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