WoT: Ranked Battles Will Be Discontinued

Customization Items

The temporary seasonal rewards that you may have received for your League status—badges and customization items—will soon be removed and disappear with the release of the next update. The Performance Engraving for your Dog Tag and the Ranked Charge progressive decal customizations will remain yours permanently. Here’s what to expect:

2D styles for Tier X vehicles for Bronze, Silver, and Gold League Release of the next update
Badge for Bronze, Silver, and Gold Leagues
Ranked Battles Champion stripe
Performance Engraving for your Dog Tag Will remain yours permanently and will display your progress in the 2021–2022 annual cycle
Ranked Charge progressive decal Will remain yours permanently and will display your progress at the time of the end of Season 3 of Ranked Battles 2021–2022
Legacy 2D styles for Bronze, Silver, and Gold Leagues as part of the Annual Reward Will remain yours permanently

Last year, we launched Onslaught, our “competitive” mode with tons of new features and gameplay mechanics. It inherited the spirit of Ranked Battles and continues the tradition of fair and honest competition, where the strongest players fight on a level playing field.

We’ve already launched two seasons of Onslaught with loads of unique customizations and gameplay adjustments. We’ve been closely following the evolution and your perception of this mode, improving and refining its mechanics after each launch.

Currently, we’re working on the next Onslaught Season with qualification battles and other improvements, which will kick off in the fall of 2023. But while Onslaught and its features are evolving, Ranked Battles no longer syncs with our current competitive format.

With all of this in mind, we’ve decided to discontinue Ranked Battles with the release of the next update. The Ranked Battles Leaderboard (both on the website and in the game client) will become unavailable. Mode access points in the mode selector and all Ranked Battles interfaces will also be disabled.

Ranked Battles Store and Customizations

When the next update lands in World of Tanks, the Ranked Battles Store and all the exclusive items it contains will become unavailable. However, we’re currently thinking about how to integrate this with Onslaught so that you can still access it. We also want to provide you with a new discount system and make  Xthe 114 SP2 , a Tier X Chinese reward tank destroyer, available for purchase with bonds in the mode’s Store. We’ll share more details on the Ranked Battles Store transfer as soon as we can.

In the meantime, be sure to use your personal cumulative discount and get unique items while you can!

Ranked Battles Store and personal cumulative discount will become unavailable with the release of the next update.

Annual Reward and Rank Token Conversion Rate

Here’s a small reminder in case you haven’t grabbed your Annual Reward yet: You can still claim your Annual Reward before the next update lands! But be quick—time is running out!

Remember that you will have your choice of one, two, or three different items of Improved (bond) Equipment, depending on the number of Rank Tokens you’ve earned. To find out more details, check out our article on the closing of the third Season of Ranked Battles.

Player Support tickets regarding the positions on the Leaderboard and rewards will be accepted only within 30 days after the release of the next update.

We would like to thank all players who participated in this exciting and challenging mode. We really appreciate your time, passion, and dedication! We’ll focus on the further development of Onslaught, so stay tuned and good luck on the battlefield, Commanders!

10 thoughts on “WoT: Ranked Battles Will Be Discontinued

    1. Isn’t this exactly what will happen when you have a mode where campers and toxic players get the advantage and then they keep whining other players are toxic. Why are people surprised.

  1. LOL…they reduce the # of FL per year, now removing Ranked and they give us this reworked SH. Bad WG….bad. Onslaught is full of monkeys more than Ranked.

  2. Onslaught was correctly deemed a reworked Ranked from launch day, this development was entirely predictable.

  3. I played a bunch of Onslaught last season…it was okay but more meh….this time I’ve played 1x and thats all there will be. Same for SH..played 1x today and thats it. Pubbies FTMFW

  4. In the developer diary video they said this would happen.
    After 20 years of development there is still only one permanent game mode – randoms.
    What a joke. No wonder people leave this game.

      1. I bet you play wot, cuz you can’t teamplay, you camp, never push, nor help and you don’t play WT, cuz its too hard without outliner on a absolutely fictional bs barn

  5. Rank was toxic because of its chevron system, which encourages selfish play and makes you compete with your own teammates. This overall is really bad but because of the format, 10v10, the balance/gaming experience was still somehow acceptable.
    But in Onslaught, it’s 7v7 where 95% of the battles lasts under 3 mins. Ridiculous roflstomps left right and center. It’s even more ridiculous than Rank. And its rewards SUCK =)))))))))
    Even if we all know this will happen when we first saw the introduction of 1st Onslaught season, it doesn’t deny the fact that WG now is just a joke.
    This company has become incrediblely greedy and incompetent at the same time.

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