WoT: Reserve Track Mechanics

With the advent of the M-V-Y branch and its reserve track mechanics, many players wondered about introducing similar mechanics for other tanks in the game.
There are several reserve-tracked tanks in the game:

  • Object 279(e)
  • AE Phase 1
  • T95
  • VK 168 01 (P) and Mauerbrecher

So at the moment, WG is prototyping mechanics for these tanks as well (not all of the tanks mentioned above may get it!). In fact, the mechanics will be completely similar to Yoh tanks: when several tracks are shot down, the tank will lose speed, but it will still be able to move on.
Regardless of the layout of the tracks, as in AE Phase I or Object 279(e), the mechanics will work the same way. They won’t bring anything special to the mechanics.
Additionally, it is planned to display a unique location of tracks for each of these tanks in the game interface at the bottom of the screen.
There is also a plan to release several new “premium”, high-tier tanks with these mechanics (at least 2).
If everything goes well, all this may appear in 2024 after the Japanese HTs and tanks with Autocannons.

source: rykoszet.info – wotexpress donaters only article

29 thoughts on “WoT: Reserve Track Mechanics

  1. Aw yiz 168 finally getting somewhat kinda barely unique. Despite being crap because it was balanced for a 150mm gun it should’ve have had.

    Wouldn’t the BT-series tanks be able to drive without tracks too?

    1. Yea but kinda that you could not detrack them in middle of the battle or at least not on the going.
      And tracks are actual good for off-road drive, EBRs going super good off-road is just wrong WG work not actually good.

    1. Not many know that the very first tank with hydro-pneumatic suspension was the STB1 in the game. It just had to wait for the swedes to get it’s mechanic sorted out.

  2. Happy for the Mauerbrecher, but do T95 and Bobject need even more crutches? The limited mobility spare tracks allow can save a tank from being perma-tracked to death (a common strategy to deal with T95).

    1. The 279e is the reward tank from the second campaign. The Bobject is the 268v4 which was not mentioned in this article nor does it have a second track to be mentioned.

  3. “If everything goes well, all this may appear in 2024 after the Japanese HTs and tanks with Autocannons.”
    Did I miss a news article about new Japanese HTs and Autocannon tanks (which nation and class)?

      1. We saw like 10 seconds of game play
        They don’t have magazines they have an overheat you have to manage. In the video we saw the played dealt 750 damage over about 2-3 seconds of fire and overheated the gun. Assuming this cause the gun to lock out for awhile.

    1. They haven’t had anything released on them yet besides what was teased in the wot road map vid from back in February, tho we do know that the Japanese heavies are just the ones from blitz with minor changes. As for the autocannons, no one is sure yet, the British wheeled mediums are the most likely guess, but stuff like the Saladin being in the tech tree kinda disprove that idea before we’ve even seen the entire tech tree branch, my personal guess would have to be either a bmp line that gets autocannons, or something for sweden or Italy since they always get unique mechanics.

      1. The British wheeled meds are high alpha meds, basically car versions of the UDES 15/16 without the tilty mode, no autocannons.

  4. I always thought that AE Phase 1 had a reserve track. Well, this is fair, add reserve tracks to the tanks that should have them but seriously…279e being even more untrackable…

  5. Did I read it wrong? They planned to make the 279e untrackable???
    What the fuck is wrong with this fcking company?
    They want the game to makes more senses “visually”, it’s okay.
    But if that makes the game balance even worse, that’s not okay anymore.
    Why do these disasters keep coming to WoT? So fucking ridiculous.

    1. “should it be glued??” You ask, in a tank simulator game, then probably not. But in World of tanks? Yes for sure it should be glued to the ground like all other tanks except Yoh tanks and EBRs.

      Giving one of the strongest tanks in the game yet another advantage in an attempt to make the game more realistic or true to life is just ridicolous.

      So i think ill pass this one “use brains guys like for real” right back at you.

  6. Nobody cares. This game has long time been not for serious play.
    If you play this game for serious then you are the real idiot

    1. Then what game to play seriously?
      WoT as a game is full of potential. It has deep mechanics, tremendous vehicle and map knowledge.
      That’s what created a lot of dedicated players.
      The company that is managing WoT constantly makes it worse doesn’t mean those who have loved WoT from the beginning should no longer enjoy the game the way they did and start to join “random players” club.
      The community still does what they do daily.
      You’re talking absolutely nonsense.

      1. The only nonce here is you.
        Continually complaining. Just fuck off. The game will not get any better

        1. Clueless pigeons are very common.
          This one is a bit more special =)))))))

  7. Buffing O279 even more… If they do some nerfs in other areas, then maybe, but otherwise – God, help us all!
    But double tracks for other tanks – good stuff, definitely welcome!

    I have even better suggestion to WG, if they picked up this topic – make it so, that if you track a BT-2 or BT-7, it becomes a wheeled wheicle! It would be historical and a lot of fun. Or even make the modes interchangable with the X key, which can be activated in some amount of time! If we have the option to repair the tracks in few seconds, then why not have the option to remove them also in few seconds?

    1. The French Lorraine tanks had that ability as well, hence the tires instead of steel roadwheels

      1. Nope, as I remember, Lorraine vehicles have the tires only for the suspension and grip purposes, and they were not meant to be used as wheels without the tracks.

  8. Something tells me it would only be AE Phase I would get the mechanic (as it should).

  9. I can see the reserve track feature for vehicles like the mauererbrecker, T95, and AE Phase, as well vehicle very similar to them. However, putting this feature on OP vehicle such as the Chiefs, the 279e and other OP vehicles, is pure BS and this just shows how dumb, stupid, and full of shit these sorry assed ruskie developers really are. Doing shit like this instead of fixing their broken game, cheating game riggers and such. Such a sorry lot, and it’s no wonder they are losing a war to a nation of pedophiles.

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