WoT 1.21 Common Test: TITT Rozanov Changes

TITT Rozanov (USSR, Tier-8, MT, Premium)

• Average damage per minute with AP/APCR shells: from 3,893 to 2,407
• Average damage per minute with HE shells: from 3,893 to 3,369.69
• Average damage with AP/APCR shells: from 280 to 200
• Reload time: from 4.31 to 4.99 sec
• Rate of fire: from 13.04 to 12.03
• Gun mantlet armor at its flattest point: from 200 to 250 mm
• Engine Power: from 520 h.p. to 600 h.p.
• Power/weight: from 10.68 to 15 h.p./t
• Top speed (forward/reverse): from 50/-15 to 42/-16 kph
(Effective top speed still increased from 31.26km/h to 42km/h on hard terrain)
• Gun traverse speed: from 39.38 to 36 deg/s

8 thoughts on “WoT 1.21 Common Test: TITT Rozanov Changes

    1. The DPM was meant to be for its HE shells, which is why previously it had the same 280 alpha dmg for AP, APCR, and HE.

  1. I prefer the ST 62 more than this tank, it’s more nimble and has higher DPM while dealing the same 200 damage. I can see this tank being a version for casuals like T 54 mod 1 while ST 62 will be for more experienced players

  2. the first iteration was just a joke and IMHO just a mistake.

    now it looks better balanced, but still stronk.

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