WoT 1.21 Common Test: MBT-B Changes

MBT-B (USA, Tier-10, HT, promotional/reward)

• Damage per minute: from 2,503 to 2,628
• Reload time: from 10.07 to 9.59 sec
• Rate of fire: from 5.96 to 6.26
• Armor: from 200/90/45 to 200/90/55 mm
• Turret armor: from 350/150/40 to 350/150/45 mm
• Turret roof armor: from 40 to 45 mm (not including the armor of the gun block’s upper roof)
• Hull roof armor: from 30 to 45 mm
• The thickness of the side armor plates behind the tracks was increased from 40 to 65 mm

2 thoughts on “WoT 1.21 Common Test: MBT-B Changes

  1. 40mm side is unacceptable for a tier 9 HT. This is a good change. Now it looks like a bit faster E5 but with worse armor.
    It has a huge LFP, weak shoulders, a pretty big flat 240mm plate on the face.
    The gun is worse than E5’s gun with no perma-track ability, a bit less HEAT pen, a bit worse gun stabilization and slower aiming speed.
    All in all, still a better tank than E5 on hills and worse than E5 on flat grounds.
    Pretty well-balanced to be honest.

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