WoT – Call To Mars: Choose Your Captain 2nd Phase

3rd Phase starts on May 17th.
Commander Bonus Codes:
• “Thomas Farmer” – CTMM2O5
x3 Chocolate, x3 Smooth ride crew skill booster
• “Aurora Adams” – CTMZ3H5
x3 Pudding and Tea, x3 Sixth sense crew skill booster
• “Mikhail Kostritsyn” – CTMK3J2
x3 Extra Combat Rations, x3 Firefighting crew skill booster
• “Stephen Horton” – CTMQ1O7
x3 Case of Cola, x3 Designated Target crew skill booster
• “Monica George” – CTMQ8N2
x3 Strong Coffee, x3 Safe stowage crew skill booster

Enter one of the codes here:


  1. Choose one of the five Captains to receive support rewards by redeeming a special bonus code.
  2. Support your Captain by taking action in the battles of the Call of Mars game mode.
  3. Every three days, you can continue to support your Captain or choose another one. Activate the special bonus code of the new Stage to make your choice and get a new support reward.
  4. Check out the event calendar and support rewards below.
  5. You can only redeem 1 of 5 bonus codes for each Stage.

9 thoughts on “WoT – Call To Mars: Choose Your Captain 2nd Phase

  1. I’m going to finish this round. After that I’m more interested in playing the recon mode with “wild card” events.

  2. I’m just waiting for frontline s to come back. Fuck these wank kiddies modes and randoms is so old and stale

    1. Same here. FL is the only mode keeping me from uninstalling. Been playing WOT since 2011, and Randoms are just stale, and even otherwise turbo 3 min 15v3 garbage. I enjoy the tank gameplay, and get my fix in FL. I just wish FL was a more permanent mode, at least available on weekends to enjoy some casual fun.

      1. week days.. steel hunt.. weekends frontline.. really simple..

        or as you said permament game mode.. dont like randoms play frontline or steelhunt..

        1. Perfect idea!!
          Randoms have been ruined by moe chasers rigging games and wg refusal to stop it

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