WoT EU: Solution to Low FPS In Onslaught Mode

Greetings! We are well aware of the ongoing bug in Onslaught mode resulting in some low FPS, game crashes and stuttering for players. The available workaround is to go to your in-game settings and lower the Shadow Quality down to low. We are currently working on fixing the issue. Apologies for the inconvenience. Roll Out!

3 thoughts on “WoT EU: Solution to Low FPS In Onslaught Mode

  1. The monkeys have created new problems in the game as always. Never fixing the old one, just blaming the problem on users, computers, and mods. Just think what this game could have been if WG had real developers, and coders.

    1. It’s only broken if you use some fucking shit potato computer.
      Luckily most potato computers stayed on RU

      1. You are a retard if you think this is something to do with PC spec… 9900k 3080 and it freezes up like no tomorrow…

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