WoT Onslaught: Rewards Comparison; Current vs. Last Season

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New Onslaught tab in the game browser finally allows comparison of the new rewards system and Wargaming’s “lucky chips” with the previous season; up until now they have not shown the exact reward structure for collecting chips. So here it is, and note that I am only comparing in-game economic/goods rewards. The 1st track of rewards for the progressive 2d styles and decals/badges is unchanged so pointless to include in this comparison:

Old Rewards:

  • 4000 bonds

  • 8 days of prem

  • Bond turbo (Currently priceless)

  • Universal training manual (2.5m credit value)

  • 4 million credits

  • 1x of vert stab, rammer, and vent (300k credits value each)

  • 32 pieces of big consumables (320k credit value when bought at discount)

  • 48 vent and rammer directives (24 each) (576 bond value)

  • 8 each of the battle XP and crew/free XP personal reserves. (Debatable equivalent value)

Total credit equivalent value by my reckoning: 7.72m credits
Total bond equivalent value: 4576 bonds + a priceless bond turbo

Requirements: 160 victories over any number of matches.

New Rewards:

  • 1500 bonds

  • 6 days of prem

  • 3 million credits

  • 6 “lucky chips”

All 6 lucky chips then grants

  • 1500 more bonds

  • 3 days of prem

  • 1 universal manual (2.5m credit value)

  • 50 rammer directives (600 bond equivalent value)

  • (10) 1hr 50% credit boost personal reserves (Debatable equivalent value)

Total credit equivalent value by my reckoning: 5.5m credits + credit boosters
Total bond equivalent value: 3600 bonds

Requirements: Complete all 5 weekly missions, every week from season launch to season close (6 sets in total, spread over 40 days)

As I mentioned in a previous thread (https://www.reddit.com/r/WorldofTanks/comments/12u2vuc/new_onslaught_seasons_dates/) the new Onslaught rewards rework is part of WG’s push to make players grind it more consistently over 40 days, whereas in the previous mode a thinking player could get themselves just over the threshold into champion/legend, and (after getting 160 victories) squat there for the remainder of the season to collect daily bond allowance, with very little point decay that would risk getting them relegated.

WG clearly wants to encourage more consistent participation over the season, and so is separating off the vast majority of the rewards for weekly mission completions.

You could still earn a theoretical maximum of 2000 more bonds by attaining legend rank the first day of the event, and staying there successfully for all 40 days, but that is only a small portion of what you would get versus playing how WG wants you to play.

18 thoughts on “WoT Onslaught: Rewards Comparison; Current vs. Last Season

  1. Let’s go to the forum to see how many complain they lost because their team is full of 43% players….

  2. Where is this year’s Russian victory Day parade event and discounts??

      1. Nobody cares about delusional trash like you, calling it “Russian” victory when alot of countries in Europe fought with that fascism and lost so many family members to get rid of those nazis. Crawl back to your hole rat.

    1. Soon we can finally celebrate the Ukrainian Victory Day with a parade and an ingame event.

  3. Last time I have 15 loses in a row. Thanks wg to give me the chance to beat this “record”

    1. My winrate was 47-48% last season, and I played 300+ battles XD
      I felt so powerless in this shitty ass mode.
      One of your team members makes a mistake and you’re instantly doomed.
      It doesn’t matter how hard you try to carry because in WoT, there’s no such thing called “outplay”.
      Those who run out of patience first lose the battle. You need to stay as calm as possible so that you make as least as possible mistakes.
      But that’s only you, 1 of 7 in your team. The other 6 are decided by the fcking MM.
      There’s no surprise why 90 if not 95% of the battles were hard roflstomps.
      Truly horrible experience.

      1. Players with your shitty win rate should be blocked from being in onslaught no wonder always one sided win or loss

        1. What a wise gentleman XD
          He doesn’t care what he’s saying. He just says it as he’s pleased.
          Btw, none of players like me likes Onslaught. We’re just forced to play or should I say grind to stay competitive.
          Do you even know what “competitive” is?
          I guess it’s a little hard for someone who trashtalks other people without knowing shit about them XD

          1. Dude you just told us your meagre win rate.
            That is not a competitive level 😂

            1. Dude, learn to read. He told you his win rate for last season in ONSLAUGHT and what lead to that win rate. FFS stop with the ego.

              1. So I guess I’m right when I think many WoT players are illiterate dumbass.

                They can’t read shit, can’t comprehend simple shit.

  4. esto es una mierda tu esfuerzo por jugar bien no cuenta por que siempre hay jugadores que no tienen ni idea y ni meter un tiro saben como se puede perder 0-7 en un modo de 7v7 esto es increible aqui se ve la cantidad de jugadores malos que hay.

  5. Well, this mod is terrible. Grind for nothing 😀 Ranked’s head at least tanks like kpz, concept and 114 😀 This is just pain to play for nothing. I will skip this gladly. Tried couple battles yesterday and hate this experience. usually I play around 60% win ratio, but in this mode I am happy I cant see how those 15 battles ended on win ratio.

  6. just play for weekly mission. It’s not worth wasting time going to champion/legend rank for stupid camo and daily bonds which you need to play to maintain it

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