WoT RU: The Return of Stalingrad Map

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The Stalingrad map will return remastered in HD this fall.

Exclusive to the RU region. It will be released in September 2023.

📄“The Stalingrad map was added on November 4, 2014, but the audience had a lot of questions about the map: it was difficult to navigate (a large number of objects that negatively affected the playability of the map), the location was monotonous, a dull gray color scheme with an insufficient number of historical objects. Also, the map had a large amount of long-range shooting through the streets, and the long embankment was one “destruction zone”. As a result, in the fall of 2015 the map was taken out of the game.”

We plan to return the redesigned location in September 2023, but work on it will not stop there: the map will be further developed, including with the help of feedback from our players. When creating the first iteration of the redesigned map, the developers took as a basis the real quarter of now 🇷🇺Volgograd.

Map description:
The location has an urban character, with a predominance of light hilly zones near the Volga River; the color scheme is autumnal, bright and saturated. It is planned that on the final map there will be about 75% of whole houses and buildings, among which players will find many historical objects: the future house of Pavlov, the Mill, the Elevator, the Central Department Store, the Gorky Theater, the Volgograd Tractor Plant, the River Port, the Railway Station and other buildings.

* Now the location is still under active development, which means that not all elements are in place and do not look like they will be in the final version. Also, over time, other changes are possible.

22 thoughts on “WoT RU: The Return of Stalingrad Map

  1. I hope WG don’t shy away from Lesta (as as far as I know Lesta is owned by WG) and add Stalingrad for EU/NA/ASIA Servers as well. Back in the day I loved it!

    1. I hope NA/EU/ASIA dont even proceed on follow any footstep that Russians WoT Lesta….especially when community on RU side — they did not want Flamethrower tanks…

      1. and? anti-russian are ultra retarded. More maps the better if they are good. Why dont WG remove the trash maps like Airfield, One hill played (el-halluf) or the worst version of Berlin

    2. They should add it back into the game for all servers since Stalingrad was pivotal battle and we need more maps

  2. I love this map. I so hope it comes to the NA/EU. For that matter, bring back Minsk, and Kharkov. Taking them out of the matchmake does nothing to stop the war.

  3. It is every Russian company’s obligation to stoke patriotic fervor. Or at the very least LESTA doesn’t give a $#!+ anymore.

  4. Would be great if this map came back to EU as well, but I bet they don’t want to hurt Zelenskyy’s feelings…

    Seriously, cringe politics should stay away from stuff like video games. Let politicians earn their wages, and let us enjoy our free time.

    1. fucking selfish ignorant fool! 10s of 1000s people are dying horribly on both sides their families destroyed,
      and all this moron cares about is playing his fucking video games, pathetic – shame you’re not in Ukraine see how real your video game is there, moron.

      1. And your contribution to stop the war is..? Nothing – just be honest. For once I see it as iaieee (never thought I would say that).
        Sorry to hurt your feelings but playing a video game in general is rather pathetic in all sense and I do it myself. People are starving and you do? Nothing. People are getting ill and you do? Nothing. Chill your tits man and let us have fun, OK? And stalingrad was a good map back in the day, just a shame that real world politics influence map variety and fun

      2. Fuck u and ur Ukraine….
        and btw its quite cringe when u crying about war with a nickname that contains one of the biggest war criminals.
        Go fuck urself clown

        1. Get back in your box American.
          Watching a few tiktoks doesn’t make you a fucking expert

          1. He said it harshly, but he’s not wrong.

            Before the 2022 invasion literally nobody knew of or gave a damn about Ukraine – at most you’d hear of the Azov far-right political exploits (the same guys who the world hailed as “Mariupol’s heroes”, love how things change) – and I sure don’t remember this much noise back when Russia illegally annexed the Crimean Peninsula back in 2014.

      3. I hope you find it ironic as I do that, despite what you’re saying here, you have “John Stalin” as username.

  5. Ah yes, Good old Stalingrad map wish it should also receive in NA/EU/ASIA as well, we need more maps that should’ve return and add some new one.

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