WoT ASIA: Random Battle Matchmaker Updates

Random Battle Matchmaker Updates on the Asia ServerRandom Battle Matchmaker Updates on the Asia Server

These important matchmaker improvements are exclusively on the Asia server, starting with Update 1.20.1.


The number of tank destroyers on Prokhorovka, Malinovka, Studzianki, and Murovanka maps will be limited to 3 per team by default.

In tandem with the existing limits on SPGs, this rule should change up the combat dynamics on these locales, opening up opportunities to try fresh tactics, new loadouts, or different vehicle selections.


The Random Battles matchmaker will now seek to create battles with smaller team sizes on all maps.

It will start by trying to create 15v15 battles and successively decrease the team size criteria as necessary based on the current queue: to 14v14, 13v13 and so on, up to a minimum of 10v10.

Various regional events and community feedback have shown us that having smaller team sizes can make a significant positive impact on the overall battle experience. As an additional benefit, this should also improve matchmaking speed considerably in some cases.


In Update 1.18, we introduced new rules for balancing the number of light and wheeled tanks, as well as restrictions on the number of SPGs per team. Now, we are ready to take the next step and institute smaller team formats, and hard limits on the number of tank destroyers.


Through the current scope of changes, we hope to provide a quicker and more dynamic matchmaking experience for you, and will monitor their impact carefully and closely as we consider the direction of future development.

As always, we look forward to engaging with you while we continue to optimize your World of Tanks experience, so please share your invaluable feedback about these latest matchmaker changes with us on Discord!

Let’s make our game better together!

19 thoughts on “WoT ASIA: Random Battle Matchmaker Updates

  1. If we’ve reached this point a total rethink of the match-making system is in order.

      1. If you think arty is still a problem then you should just remove yourself for being a useless cúnt

  2. what about when there are 5 or more Heavy Tanks per team? that’s all ok, is it?
    and when those HTs are all +1 or +2 top tier in the MM – still all ok?

    many new(er T9 & T10 HT are really stupidly over-armored now – esp, when they have big fuk off Guns with 600+ Alpha damage – again still ok?

    i know i know,
    its World of Premium Heavy Tanks nowadays, from T8 to Premium T9 HT with very OP Reward T10 HTs

  3. Its only on Asia server because no one really play it. Chinese has a extra server CN, russia with WG lesta.

    For eu:
    Yeah complete rework of mm is a big point – extra mm for premium tanks. All techtrees +-1mm. (T11 for 279, chief, some others) but all competetive Gameplay on basic t10
    Easy fix

  4. They’re using Asia server as their testbed.
    This MM changes will not make the MM better by any shape or form. It aims to lower queue time and average battle length, which is already very quick.
    Break it into details. Less players per team = bigger individual impacts.
    This basically means all MBTs like the Chieftain get buffed indirectly. Every tank that can perform multiple roles will be even more meta.
    Tanks that depend on teammates such as LTs, TD snipers, or even some MT snipers and SPGs will be less relevant.
    Overall, this is just a bad change to the game. One step closer to the Onslaught type of torture.
    Why they do it?
    Of course they will. Faster queue time + faster battles = faster credit burn rate = more play time with premium tanks = more premium tanks/premium time/WoT+ being bought.
    WG is still WG. They pretend that they listen but they just take one step backward to make multiple steps toward your credit cards.

  5. so in Order to finish some Missions (like TD 15) you have to hope to have a 15vs15 Match. Cause most of the Missions will be ALOT harder in 10vs10 matchups.
    Im not shure if i would like this.

    1. A good point
      Missions do not adjust
      And even if
      It would open far easier cheating…

      What a win

  6. After playing 15 battles and winning 10, daily missions can be completed faster. Ace tanker badges will be harder to get, matchmaking and getting into battles is definitely faster than before.

    I kinda like the new MM changes. 🥰
    Tempting to check out WoT Plus.

  7. Who was the monkey who gave the feedback that smaller team size = more fun? 1 or 2 bad players now have an exponentially higher impact on the outcome of the game. Match timing has reduced and it’s a horror to play randoms at the moment.

    If u want to close the server, move us to EU and call it a day; limiting team size is essentially having to live the horror of onslaught and there is no escape from it

  8. 3-5-7 is NOT the problem, nor is it the number of TDs in a match.
    The problem is:
    1) MM not balancing the players out between the 2 teams. You get 1 team that has most of the good players and the other gets most of the new and bad players.
    2) 3 arty per battle
    3) No limits on wheeled lights
    4) Players that have no business at upper tiers
    5) Maps are too small, especially at upper tiers. Maps should be at minimum 1k x 1k for upper tiers. I think they should be the size of FL and then use random dynamic play area that sizes the play area for the tier being played.

    the following are problems that I don’t think WG can fix
    6) Players that are too worried about padding their stats, so they camp all match or play baseline

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