Introducing: WoT Plus

The time has come to unveil WoT Plus, making playing World of Tanks more convenient than ever.

For a monthly payment, you will receive the following set of benefits, many unique to WoT Plus:

  • Gold Reserve: Working similarly to the Credit Reserve, it can accumulate up to 500 gold and opens weekly.
  • Intensive Crew Regimen: Every crew member in a single vehicle will gain 40 Crew XP every 5 minutes, even while you are offline.
  • An exclusive vehicle: The TS-54, a Tier VIII Premium American heavy tank, will stay on your account as long as WoT Plus is active.
  • Free equipment demounting: This applies to all types of equipment except for improved equipment and Experimental Equipment of Upgrade Levels II and III.
  • One excluded map: Together with WoT Premium Account, you will be able to exclude three locations overall.

As you can see, WoT Plus complements WoT Premium Account, and the two work together to make your experience even better.

WoT Plus: Available from May 3 at 8:30 CEST (UTC+2) for a monthly payment.

You can manage your WoT Plus subscription right in your Garage.

Gold Reserve

This brand-new feature allows you to earn gold as you play in Random Battles (including Grand Battles), as well as in Onslaught and Frontline. The rest of the modes don’t contribute to the Gold Reserve.

The exact amount of gold will depend on the outcome of the battle and certain additional conditions.

Random Battle 7 4 Play in a Tier IV+ vehicle

Be among the top 10 on your team by base XP earned

Grand Battle 7 4 Be among the top 20 on your team by base XP earned
Onslaught 2 1 Be among the top 5 on your team by Prestige Points earned
Frontline 21 12 Be among the top 20 on your team by base XP earned
Like the Credit Reserve, the Gold Reserve will open automatically every week (even if your WoT Plus subscription ended that week). Every week, you can accumulate up to 500 gold in your Gold Reserve.

Intensive Crew Regimen

This feature helps greatly accelerate the training of the crew of a single non-event vehicle designated by you. Each crew member inside the chosen vehicle will constantly gain Crew XP whether you are online or offline—as long as WoT Plus is active.

  • Every crew member of the designated vehicle gets 40 Crew XP every 5 minutes. This amount does not depend on the number of crew members in the vehicle, nor does it depend on the vehicle type or tier.
  • You can change the chosen vehicle or assign different crew members to it at any time.
  • The crew members must be inside the vehicle to earn the Crew XP. They must also be trained for this vehicle type and model (but the crews of Premium vehicles need only to be trained for the same nation and vehicle type). If a crew member’s major qualification level is below 100%, the Crew XP will contribute to bringing it up to 100% first.

Even if you don’t play in the designated vehicle at all, the passive Crew XP gained will be enough to get a rookie crew with no perks up to 74% of their second perk within a month.

The TS-54

This Tier VIII Premium American heavy tank will be exclusive to WoT Plus subscribers. In addition to twin guns capable of doing around 560 HP of damage with a salvo, the TS-54 boasts a sturdy turret with 305 mm of nominal frontal armor, a bouncy upper glacis plate, and a maximum gun depression angle of −8 degrees. The base top forward speed is 35 km/h, allowing the TS-54 to keep up with the pack.

ts-54-09-1920x1080 ts-54-10-1920x1080 ts-54-07-1920x1080 ts-54-08-1920x1080 ts-54-03-1920x1080 ts-54-02-1920x1080 ts-54-01-1920x1080 ts-54-06-1920x1080 ts-54-04-1920x1080 ts-54-05-1920x1080

A unique feature of the TS-54 is that the tank can accommodate any American crew members, irrespective of the vehicle type for which they are trained—provided their major qualification does match.

The TS-54 will stay on your account while WoT Plus is active. If the subscription is terminated, the TS-54 will remain in your Garage as a standard rental vehicle but with its rental period expired. Everything equipped on it can be removed manually. When WoT Plus gets reactivated, the TS-54 will regain all the Field Modification options that had been unlocked previously, but the modifications themselves will have to be purchased again for credits.

Free Equipment Demounting

While WoT Plus is active, you can take most equipment types off your vehicles free of charge. However, this does not include improved (bond) equipment and Experimental Equipment of Upgrade Levels II and III.

One Excluded Map

Last but not least, WoT Plus allows you to avoid playing on one map. If you also have WoT Premium Account, you can exclude up to three locations that don’t interest you at the moment or that you seem to encounter too often.

Subscribing to WoT Plus Inside the Game

  1. Open the in-game Store and select the Best category.
  2. Click the WoT Plus card to view the WoT Plus screen.
  3. Click the Go to Purchase button to be taken to the Premium Shop.
  4. Review the subscription details if needed, then click the Purchase button.
  5. Add a payment method or select a saved method if one is available.
  6. Tick the two checkboxes to confirm that you agree to activate your WoT Plus subscription immediately and to accept the subscription rules.
  7. Confirm your purchase and wait a few seconds for it to register in the client.
  8. Enjoy your WoT Plus subscription!
wot_plus_walkthrough_1-en wot_plus_walkthrough_2-en wot_plus_walkthrough_3-en wot_plus_walkthrough_4-en wot_plus_walkthrough_5-en wot_plus_walkthrough_6-en

Currently, Steam players aren’t able to subscribe to WoT Plus in-game or pay for the subscription with Steam Wallet. We plan to add these features in the future.

We plan to develop and improve WoT Plus further to bring you more convenience and comfort playing the game. We will announce any potential changes in advance; all players who activated WoT Plus under current terms will receive all the benefits listed for the entire duration of their subscription period.

Try out WoT Plus and the unique options it has to offer, Commanders!

18 thoughts on “Introducing: WoT Plus

  1. Not gonna lie, these are all nice extra features, and TS-54 looks like a good premium tank.

    Thing is, adding a paid subscription on top of everything else is a bit heavy on the wallet, and these are EXTRA features, the bonuses from a standard premium account should be more than enough for non-dedicated players.

  2. basically, 2000 gold a month (europe price of wot plus is equal to what 2k gold costs in premium shop)
    then there’s crew xp, 350k / month (or 2.8M credits, at 2M credits for 250k XP book)
    demounting equipment idk, not a big point of expenses for me personally

  3. Demounting Improved items was seen as pay to win, somehow….

    And yet THIS is fine??!!

    “Intensive Crew Regimen: Every crew member in a single vehicle will gain 40 Crew XP every 5 minutes, even while you are offline”

    So you are playing afk arena now?

    1. imho all boils down to equivalent value in gold/credits/(euros or dollars)

      bond equipment removal is paytowin, since it has no equivalent in other currencies except bonds, which are notably hard to get, whereas the rest is easy to express in real money.

      see my calculations above for experience, it’s literally 2.8M credits a month worth of experience (at 400 credits per gold, that’s 7000 gold),

      so, 2000 gold from gold reserves (requires user to play) + 7000gold as crew experience (passively). bottom line is, it doesn’t alter the existing economic model of the game

      1. This exactly bond removal equipment is p2w yes but other equipment can be removed with gold so whats the difference between removing with gold or with subscription it just gets a bit cheaper to do so if they didnt include it no one will buy the subscription for a rental premium and a laughable amount of crew xp when u r afk

        1. It’s not
          Not even close

          does not grant you an advantage if you do it…

          But having something EXTRA in your tank does affect the game play

          Like a better crew

          You pay for that
          You win

          Those modules you can leave inside OR on second thingy depending on map.
          No here

  4. Just subscribed for a month. 9 bux…big deal. I smoke more than 9bux of weed a day never the less month.

    1. didnt you dumb kids get the memo claiming to be a druggie was cool in 1995 but nobody cares in 2022 or so… who you trying to impress. fuck off

      the only thing you smoking is moms lasagna

  5. Trash gaming only give you 1 extra map to block. When the real deal would be to give 4 for free to play players, 5 for premium and 6 for ultra pay to win or WOT plus.
    3 blocks is bad when they keep nerfing good maps like they did with berlin, it was funny to play with lights and tds or meds, now its a trash city all around

  6. Ok WG u want to pick up some more money, but why automatic resub??? I want to control that process and I don’t want to be automatic, so no sub from my side until u make it no automatic resub.

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