Abandoned WG Projects: World of Tanks Classic

World of Tanks Classic, once a separate client April Fools event was clearly a test of something much bigger which never made it to the public permanently. Based on the player numbers it clearly had some chance of being released as a separate game such as World of Warcraft Classic or Old School RuneScape.

After April 1st, 2019, when WoT Classic (0.7.0) was launched for 5 days it was almost never heard about again.
Although there were some hints in Well-Deserved Reward videos.
But apart of it, only a Q&A from 2020 mentioned this project and only in one sentence:
Anton Pankov (Product Director World of Tanks at Wargaming):
“Work on WoT Classic is progressing, but very slowly. I personally wish it was faster. Little priority.”
Source: wotexpress

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If you want to get nostalgic, you can do it here:



World of Nostalgia Remastered (READ DESC)World of Nostalgia Remastered (READ DESC)

Some personal opinions:
Guessing, this seemingly successful project got discontinued probably because of various real-life problems such as COVID-19 and the Russia-Ukraine war.

On the other hand, currently, almost all the players are complaining about the state of the game. Apparently, everything WG does couldn’t match the expectations of their community. Even with a Classic Client from a seemingly ideal version of the game which isn’t “Pay2Win,” people would only voice their negative opinions about it. The average Joe would continue complaining about something no matter what.
Whether WG does something with the game, there will be a large number of people who will not like it.

I would take a question that couldn’t be answered with the logic of this community:
If nothing is good, what do you want?

37 thoughts on “Abandoned WG Projects: World of Tanks Classic

  1. Why did I uninstall WOT?

    Because he forces me to do a lot of things I don’t want. They pretend to be a free to play game and I am forced to buy a premium account every month when I am free to play. I supported them by buying premium tanks, so they can’t say I was a parasite on WG’s game. If I buy a premium tank, I should throw it in the trash after 2 or 3 years because they put a better premium tank in the premium shop and constantly tease me that my premium tank is outdated and there is a better premium tank against you, which is easier to play with if you buy it. Play tier 10 in T54 Mod 1 with only standard ammunition because you are free to play! If I play with a regular tank, I am forced to use premium ammunition, and if I want to use premium ammunition, I have to buy a premium account because I will not be able to cover my credit deficit. You can play without premium ammo, but you won’t enjoy the game! I want to have fun with my favorite premium tanks and not trash what I like every 3 years in pay to win mode.

    Nowadays, if you are free to play and play with IS6 or Type 59 premium tanks without premium ammunition, then welcome to the Soviet penal labor camp!

    I hope WG goes bankrupt and spends my money on medicine and they die of cancer!

    After 10 years of playing, they can’t lure me back because all 7 of my tier 8 premium tanks are outdated garbage and there is no chance of buffing them to a normal level.

    When would I consider returning? 3 wishes!
    Remove premium ammo!
    Remove the arty!
    Remove the tier 8 tier limit MM and buff these now trash tier 8 premium tanks and make them decent again!

    Although the brain-dead player population will not disappear, which irritates me the most!

    This has already been spoiled by WG…

      1. I have 1300 WN8 ratings! I tried the premium ammunition and saw that it was burning my credit and I haven’t used it since then! Due to the continuous powercreep premiums, my rating is deteriorating because the weakspot has been converted to premium ammunition, not standard ammunition!

        1. You don’t need to use one type of ammunition;) use premium ammo only when You need to (when needed more penetration or shell valocity) and You will become better player

    1. Why should you get what I get when I pay and you don’t. Besides, they give a lot of it away for free and not only that you still don’t need it and can access the majority of the game not paying a penny.

      1. I asked chatGPT and he thinks WOT would be better without them. So based on why WOT is toxic and why players uninstall and leave the game. Why only FOMO sufferers and brain dead people and game addicts stay, not those who like to have fun!

        Question: Describe what World Of Tanks would be like without premium ammunition, arty and tier 8 tier limit and without powercreep premium tanks!

        ChatGPT answer: If World of Tanks were to remove premium ammunition, arty, tier 8 tier limit, and powercreep premium tanks, the game would likely feel much more balanced and fair for all players.

        Without premium ammunition, battles would require more strategic planning and skillful play, as players would have to rely on their standard ammunition to penetrate the armor of enemy tanks. This would make positioning and teamwork even more important, and would encourage players to use different tactics and angles to gain an advantage.

        Removing arty from the game would likely lead to more dynamic and engaging battles, as players would no longer have to worry about being hit from across the map without warning. This would also make it easier for players to focus on other tanks on the battlefield, leading to more intense and exciting firefights.

        Without powercreep premium tanks, battles would feel more balanced, as players would not be at a disadvantage for not owning or playing premium tanks. Instead, players would have to rely on their skill and knowledge of the game to outmaneuver and outsmart their opponents.

        Finally, removing the tier 8 tier limit would lead to more varied battles, as players would be able to use a wider range of tanks in battle. This would allow players to experiment with different tanks and playstyles, leading to more diverse and engaging battles.

        Overall, removing premium ammunition, arty, tier 8 tier limit, and powercreep premium tanks would lead to a more balanced, skill-based, and engaging game for all players.

        1. Removing arty shows the lack of understanding both you and got have about wot.
          Remove arty and forget all spot and assist missions for the lights.
          Remove arty and hear the meds cry when they gave a hidden strv103b in front of an open space they need to cross.
          Remove arty and enjoy 15 minutes camping game ending in draws when facing 3 or more TDs
          Remove arty and forget about forcing you way against a Hull down T95/Chieftain or a side scrapping Vk72.01 or Obj705A
          Of wait some one is behind on the chat ” arty !!! Reset cap, quick, reset it”


          I have seen idiotic wishes but yours and your gpt one is to of the list.
          Limit to one yes but don’t cry about arty, how about bz176, cobra, gsor1008,vt95/chieftain, obj279e etc….

            1. The delusional ones are those who keep crying about arty removal, one has to assume they are Chieftain or BZ wankers.

        2. The main issue is the maps you want us to use our skill and knowledge without prem ammo sure as long you you give us maps that we could use our mobility!

          Heck don’t forget hull down meta the only things that could dislodge them are Artillery a few patches ago other class could just HE them to death but now we couldn’t even do that.

          How about reducing the tanks of each team to 10.

    2. You know that you can use regular ammo and switch to premium only when necessary?

      I have only bought two premium tanks, and once paid 3 for days of premium account.

      I have played only 10k battles since the beginning of the game (I’ve been there since beta), with a WN8 of roughly 1350. I am a rather average player.

      And I have 27000000 (twenty-seven milion) credits.

      The key: tier VI is where you earn and learn. So ‘git gud’ mate and stop whining

    3. you sound so sad and bitter!
      maybe a online game like WOT just isn’t for you?
      WG don’t force anyone to play .. your arm wasn’t bent behind your shoulder until it hurts while they ‘forced you to pay’ just to play their Tank game, now was it?
      it was 100% your choice every time.

    4. LOL dude with the OG broken toxic Type 59 upset it’s not the tier 8 FV/T95 it once was…so glad it got power crept.

    5. I agree on removing premium ammo, but when you say removing arty, do you want to make existing arty into tank destroyers or do you just want the vehicles gone? Because while I would be okay with the first one, the second one is unacceptable.

      Here’s the best way to deal with toxicity in the game:
      Make a permanent pve mode like co-op in WoWs. That game is fundamentally better because of it, but the WoT devs refuse to include it despite having had it setup for years, even going so far as to remove the limited pve there used to be. Lack of such a mode is the reason I stopped playing WoT and I don’t plan on returning without one.

  2. That would be the job of the developers!

    Question:Write down what the developers of World Of Tanks should do to be able to play without premium ammunition, arty and powercreep tanks!

    ChatGPT answer: Remove premium ammunition: The first step would be to remove premium ammunition from the game. This would require rebalancing all tanks in the game to ensure that standard ammunition is capable of penetrating all armor types. This would encourage more strategic play and reduce the reliance on premium ammo to win battles.

    Redesign arty mechanics: Arty is often criticized for being too powerful and disruptive to gameplay. To address this, developers could consider redesigning the mechanics of arty to make it less impactful, such as reducing the damage it deals or limiting the number of arty per battle. This would make battles more engaging and allow players to focus more on tank-to-tank combat.

    Address powercreep tanks: Developers could rebalance premium tanks to ensure that they are not significantly more powerful than their non-premium counterparts. This would ensure that battles remain fair and balanced, regardless of the tanks being used.

    Conduct regular balance updates: Finally, developers could commit to regularly updating and balancing the game to address any imbalances or issues that arise over time. This would ensure that the game remains fair and enjoyable for all players, regardless of the tanks or ammunition they use.

    By taking these steps, developers could create a more balanced and engaging game that rewards skill and strategy, rather than relying on pay-to-win mechanics. This would create a more fair and enjoyable experience for all players, regardless of their skill level or the tanks they own.

    All powercreep tier 8 premium tanks are put into tier 9 with more HP and a little credit bonus and I don’t think anyone would be against it!

    WG is not interested in the gameplay, but in peeling off your skin and sucking your wallet! Fortunately, there are enough idiots who give them money, so be happy for them, because that’s what you want when you support WG!

    People love premium tanks and if they were honestly included in this game not as powercreep, players would still buy them just like they do now!

  3. I don’t think they want to make a permanent classic server because it would be difficult to monetize since there are next to no premium tanks and credit sinks, and it would draw people away from the main version of the game where they spend money.

    I’m not a programmer but I don’t see how making a classic server would be so technically difficult or resource intensive an undertaking that wg couldn’t put one together in a short amount of time if they felt like it.

    I enjoyed the classic server a lot and I would definitely play it again.

  4. So bitter an you spent all that time writing essays.. funny how you call W.G Toxic but yet wished for them to spend “”my money on medicine and they die of cancer!”” Irony. you may wanna look that word up.

  5. There is no issue with premium ammo. Learn to play and arty is also no issue.
    OP premium are an issue but as you can read yourself here if WG make a balanced tank premium or not you fucking Muppets cry that the tank is shit.
    The real issue is that wot players are trash. 43% is the win rate.
    Fixing premium ammo, arty, or premium tanks will solve the issue of utter morons playing this game.
    Don’t like the game then fuck off. It’s not that hard….

    1. wot players are absolutely fucking retarded idiotic dogs thats why we have 3 min battles and 15-3, this is the biggest fucking reason. ppl with 80k battles still shoot with autoaim on a fucking e100. any sane person already left and only these delusional maniacs are remaining with teams where only 1 out of the 15 is even above or near 50% wr, and then they cry about everything, the game is already mind numbingly easy compared to like 2015 but never enough for the average autistic clown

  6. Fixing premium ammo, arty, or premium tanks will NOT solve the issue of utter morons playing this game.
    Don’t like the game then fuck off. It’s not that hard….

    1. Tbh they ask us to drop money on the game no matter what! Not to mention Free to play players DO NOT have enjoyment out of the fucking game because have the lazy ass whales dropping money on the game instead of trying to cater the game to the free to play players. Also premium ammo should be limited to limit the spamming of premium ammo. I don’t like that premium ammo is used this much as long as gold spamming exists this game will not be fun for free to play players (I’m one of them) and I hope the next update will kill the game to show how bad the game has gotten and idiots that still play it will eventually leave too.

  7. For all you cry baby’s. NOBODY is forcing you to do ANYTHING. It’s your choice if you want to spend money or not.
    Time to nut up or shut up.
    Stop whining.

  8. LOL it was never better…dont miss being an elc or T20 facing a Maus…or having 5 arty and STILL having a campfest on El Helloof hill.

    Type59 OG broken tank for YEARS.

    It was never better….

  9. I play WoT from May 2011 and I dont quite understand how people have such bad memory. WoT back then was horrible, invisible high pene/alfa TDs, oneshot arta (if missed, still half of HP gone), bad optimalization, stuttering and so on.

    No, I would never consider returning to WoT Classic. We played it, because back then it was new, original and standards for games were much lower. If I consider it now, it was really bad – only thing it would do is split WoT playerbase, which is not a good thing, since WoT playerbase on EU is okay, but everywhere else dying. Way forward is to improve stuff, not re-release old stuff.

    1. You and your memory are selective about how many tanks were nerfed and destroyed in 10 years.

      Destroying Tier 8 tier limit MM, why does the IS6 and Type 59 play +-4 MM. Maybe because the penetration value of the ammunition is weak? Now it is much better to play permanent tier 8 and tier 9 where you can spam premium ammunition (this is only good for WG because you are forced to buy a premium account and use the permanent credit booster)

      Destroyed the TD camo values. The Object 704 had such camo that you didn’t notice it 200 meters away after a shot behind a bush. Now it’s much better that you can see over 400 meters and he doesn’t have any armor because even tier 7 can shoot through his armor!

      ISU 152 BL 10 cannon removed! How nice if someone had a favorite TD. They destroyed it and replaced it with an even worse and useless ISU 152K, which no one needs!

      KV 1S! Those who didn’t have it complained about how strong it is. But there are those who had it and loved it, but this too had to be destroyed. Tier 6 was also good for clan wars, now you can buy some powercreep tier 6 premium because regular tier 6 is not good!

      IS3 is the king of tier 8 heavy tanks, which made you the king of clan wars and random battles. How good, now you even have to buff because it’s such outdated garbage. There is the Defender, you are forced to it if you want to play tier 8 clan wars, or better, you are forced to the Progetto M 46.

      I could also list, for example, the legend of the Type 59, it has the smallest standard ammunition penetration. Try playing it without premium ammo in the current trash tier 8 tier limit! Here too, WG allows you to buy a Defender or other powercreep ebola premium!

      Destroying HE ammo to force you to premium ammo, how good is that to have no option for fun!

      So refresh your memory and go pour your money into this rubbish game because you enjoy it. Old players prefer to uninstall it because they are not good for anything other than draining their wallets!

  10. If I’m paying for premium stuff then I will demand that’s it’s better than free stuff. That’s just how it is.

  11. Man, i miss good 0.7 version. I was really enjoying when it returned as Classic. It is a real shame that it doesn’t exist because i really don’t like newer version of WoT. It is just horrible. Premium tank every here, everyone is using a shit ton of premium ammo, arty is still annoying and so on, many awesome tanks nerfed to the ground (i will never forgive for nerfing Hellcat) I didn’t played WoT for many years now, at least 5+ years. I did checked out a year or 2 ago but man it is still horrible and i kept lowering my WR.

  12. Already in the game it says for bond equipment “Can be demounted for sale or transfer to another vehicle using 200 bonds, for free with WOT plus, or destroyed”
    So crew 2.0 is coming with zero comments from WG, small confusing WG explainstion, players crying and CCs whining…

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