WoT EU: High Ping Problem and What To Do

With recent ping spikes, you might wonder what we can do about it. Honestly? Not much. But we can still come up with something.

How can I check my connection?
  1. Download Pingplotter Free HERE.
  2. Make sure no network-heavy programs are running.
    • e.g. torrent P2P client, Skype, web browsers, etc.
  3. Launch PingPlotter
  4. Enter the name of the game server in [Enter target name or IP].
  5. Set [interval] to 1 second.
  6. Click [Play].
  7. Let it run for at least 30 minutes, then click [Pause] to check the time course of the results.
  8. Click [File] and select [Export Sample Set (PP2)] from the menu.
  9. Click [Save].
  10. Attach the report to your Support Ticket.

Destination addresses
Game destination address
World of Tanks EU_1:  login.p1.worldoftanks.eu
EU_2:  login.p2.worldoftanks.eu

EU_3:  login.p3.worldoftanks.eu
EU_4:  login.p4.worldoftanks.eu
World of Tanks: Blitz EU_1:  login0.wotblitz.eu
EU_2:  login1.wotblitz.eu
EU_3:  login2.wotblitz.eu
EU_4:  login3.wotblitz.eu
EU_5:  login4.wotblitz.eu
World of Warplanes EU:  login-eu.worldofwarplanes.com
World of Warships EU_1:  login1.worldofwarships.eu
EU_2:  login2.worldofwarships.eu

What can we do about it? We can share the result from the pingplotter with support by submitting a ticket here ←, and select: Technical → Connection → Create Ticket

And there, share screenshots from the pingplotter and whatever else WG would like


6 thoughts on “WoT EU: High Ping Problem and What To Do

  1. Why on earth would you suggest filing a support ticket when a) it’s a known issue, and b) it already takes days for support to respond to inquiries due to the high amount of tickets…

    Just because some muppet implied under another thread that you should be addressing these issues does not mean making pointless posts.

    1. Sure. They should be better posting articles on how any company can write your scholar essays for you instead of useful articles about reporting technical issues in WoT.

    2. You forgot point C: the problem lies between you and the servers so its not something you or WG can solve.

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