WoT: New Crew Perk System Briefing

Several concerns were already raised during the Common test, and we would like to address them directly.

If all perks in the new system are useful, doesn’t this force players to get them all?

We’ve added more perks to the game and balanced them against each other to ensure their value depends on your playstyle and vehicles. However, we have not changed the experience progression system, as we are sure that having the ability to learn all perks shouldn’t be reachable. We also believe it’s important to have a sense of progression and to learn the perks gradually. Additionally, we’ve found that after the fifth or sixth perk, the resources required to progress outweigh the benefits gained. With more perks available now, players must decide which perks to choose and what final setup to get.

While perks can influence battles, it’s important to remember that factors such as map knowledge, driving skills, and tactical decision-making play a crucial role. We’ve opted to maintain the experience system as it is to ensure that new players aren’t immediately outmatched by highly-trained opponents. It’s important to us to preserve the basics of crew training while encouraging players to think more deeply about their choices.

Why is the number of available perks per crew not limited?

Developing a few favorite crews is an important part of this and future changes. We have already announced that you will be able to train one crew for multiple vehicles. Also, we will let you transfer experience from unused tankers to crews you are using, and we don’t want to limit this system. We conducted experiments with perk limitations in Crew 2.0 on sandboxes, and these changes, among others, received negative feedback, which dissuaded us from implementing them in the game. As a result, we have focused on a more consistent approach to improving the current system.
Implementing such restrictions would also raise certain issues where no easy solutions are apparent, particularly for crews with already more perks than the limit which will have no chance to progress further or may even be scaled down.

Does the new Crew Perk System potentially create imbalanced or overpowered crews?

To avoid imbalances, we invested effort into simulating various scenarios, including applying the maximum possible bonus to specific performance characteristics and considering all consumables, perks, equipment, and more. We also conducted practical tests. Nonetheless, we will closely monitor the situation after the release to quickly address any imbalances if they arise.

The new system aims for:

  1. Competitiveness of every perk. Moving away from the current situation where all players choose the same perks and creating an environment where diverse and thoughtful decision-making is encouraged.
  2. Solidifying the perk system. The same easily understandable rules apply to every player and crew, supported by game interfaces.
  3. Fair perk distribution. A roughly equal number of perks should be available for all qualifications, and the mechanics should work smoothly and fairly across the board.
  4. Easy implementation of future improvements. Establishing a foundation that easily allows the implementation of future improvements, such as:
    • removal of 50% and 75% trained crew members,
    • allowing a single crew to operate multiple vehicles,
    • implementing mechanics to transfer unused crew experience from one crew to another

Monetization was never part of these goals. We recognize that adjusting to these changes may not be simple, so we are introducing a special promotion to help you get comfortable with the new system, experiment with different configurations, and settle on your preferred setup. From the release of Update 1.20.1 until the end of 2023, this promotion allows you to reset crew perks for free for 30 days. When you log in to the game for the first time after the update, you’ll have one month to experiment with crew perks without any penalties. Additionally, we will credit 12 retraining orders to all players.

You will receive the free crew perk reset from the release of Update 1.20.1 until the end of the year. The 30-day period starts immediately after the first login following the update.

39 thoughts on “WoT: New Crew Perk System Briefing

  1. “creating an environment where diverse and thoughtful decision-making is encouraged.”

    If there are cumulative bonuses from vents, BIA, vent directives, and premium food, then literally everyone would just pick vents, and BIA. Great variety there.

  2. Why not crew resets for the rest of the year, and they claim monetization wasn’t the goal lmao

      1. It’s only 30 days after you log in, not the whole year I don’t think you understood that statement

  3. That briefing was written my a marketing person who doesn’t play the game but who was given their marching orders. Frankly, the hill to die on is free dismounts of bond equipment; besides the gouging that does look game breaking. To be realistic, all these skills are not THAT good. The exceptions are the one that buffs damage with no penalty and the one that rewards being in close combat beside people on your team, and the latter is going to be mandatory for clan warriors. It’s either wildly disingenuous or ruthlessly dishonest to put skills in just for a choice. I wouldn’t be too fast to throw money at this stage of the crew reset, there are TWO more stages; assuming you haven’t decided just to wash your hands of the whole business.

    1. 1 or 2 skills might not make that much of a difference.
      But imagine this: an avg player with a 5-skill crew vs. a veteran one with a 7-skill crew, both in the S.Conq for example.
      That’s not a 2-skill difference sir.
      Each crew member has 2 extra skills, which mean the veteran one has extra 8 skills, and that’s a serious advantage.
      Imagine a random guy with 4-skill crews (which was competitive before) now has to go against someone like me with 8-skill crews in this bloody new patch.
      Even I usually feel good for playing well in my E5, I will no longer feel anything for farming such players with that insanely enormous advantage.
      In fact, as I acknowledge what kind of an advantage I have, I will feel extremely bad for not having good results.
      When the game can no longer make me feel rewarding, I will get bored eventually. It doesn’t matter if I force myself to keep playing because I had such a huge progression in WoT, it will come to a point where I simply had enough of it and quit the game entirely.
      That’s just me, a dedicated one.
      Imagine what kind of gaming experiences those newcomers will get.
      There will be players leaving the game.
      There won’t be anyone joining the game.
      Because the game is no longer playable as it has been transformed into a milking machine.

        1. No, it’s not the case in the current crew system.
          There’s not a big difference between a 4-skill S.Conq & a 7-skill S.Conq. You can play competitively with 4-skill crews for HTs and 5-skill crews for LT/MT/TDs.
          That makes the game playable for everyone.
          If the crew rework goes through, 2-skill difference will be seriously big.
          That makes the game playable only for veteran and paying players.
          If a video game is not different from real life, what’s the point of playing?
          Don’t we all come for the entertainment when playing casually and the joyment when tryharding?

          1. The actual skills themselves wont be the deal breaker, they aren’t that strong. The bigger issue is that major qualifications boost the power of skills, THEREFORE making each skill more and more impactful. 8 skills vs 5 skills wouldnt be a problem if the skills werent boosted to hell and back with major quals

            1. The boost was already there in the current crew system with a slight difference.
              In the current crew system, there are Skills and there are Perks.
              Skills (Repair, Camo, Firefighting, Snap Shot, Smooth Ride,…) don’t need 100% to be effective and get boosted by Major Qualification.
              Perks (BiA, Eagle Eye, Dead Eye, Designated Target,…) need 100% to be effective and don’t get boosted at all.
              The maximum bonus you can get from Major Qualification is 1.26 for Commander and 1.38 for other roles.
              It’s surely one of the P2W factors since Bond Vents & Food does boost all the new skills but it’s pretty minor to be honest. F2P players without Food using normal Vents can get 1.16 boost for Commander and 1.28 for other roles.
              The new skill base stats are already enough to make a noticeable advantage with 1-skill difference and it just gets 2x, 3x, 4x… worse as skill number difference increases.

              1. Sorry for my mistake here, it’s 1.11 & 1.22 if you play without Food & Bond Vents.
                Still, take the new Armorer as an example:
                – if you’re a filthy stats padder like me with 1.26 & 1.38 bonus, the RNG reduction will be 6.9%.
                – if you choose not to waste any credits and play without Food, the RNG reduction will be 6.1%.
                So you can see, 0.8% difference is really small, taking into account that this skill provides 5% base which is a pretty high number among all skill bonuses.
                It’s surely a P2W factor. It’s just not that big of a deal.

  4. I just want to drive tanks and shoot other tanks.
    I dont want or need all of this crap to learn.

    1. This. I feel I spend as much time reading about changes, updates, rules and “improvements ” as much as i play the actual game

  5. They didn’t listen.. 30days was never enough. I hope unemployment will be enjoyably for the war gaming staff.

    1. After more than 11 years of hoping, to maybe one day, to vitness the greatness of this game I will just quit once this hits live. Fuck it, I’m done. Plenty of other fish in the sea. I’ve been a fool far too long.

    2. What are on about? It’s for the whole year. 30 days you can reset for free as many times as you like.
      You can reset once for free for the rest of the year.
      Learn to fucking read you idiot twat

  6. After countless number of negative feedbacks from the community, they literally said “here’s your 30 days of free resetting, stop crying”.
    Just like that, an over a decade old game gets destroyed with only 3 months no matter how hard its community has defended.
    How on Earth is this happening?
    I’m tired of bashing this company.
    It’s so weird that even till now, I still hope there will be a miracle that stops all of this madness.

  7. They knda fucktup with wot Plus
    I understand they need to make profit
    They could but they are lazy
    They are using their methods of briging new content to monetize the game (instead of bringing new concept new ideeas to the game, they bring premium content that is blocked for all but the paying customers)
    By this they have fuckt the game
    Adios and you wargaming may rest in picees

  8. If I have paid for premium tanks, premium ammo, premium account and wot+ and I’ve been playing for many years then I deserve to have better stuff.
    Of course my tanks, crews, skills and equipment will be better.
    Get over it. Life isn’t fair boo hoo.

    1. Amen, I’m tired of whining, if I want to pay for wot + then I should be allowed benefits of it like the bond demount. All the whiners do is ***** and complain its pay 2 win. Why would you even bother to play this game for free when you know the extra things that come with premium time ect. I know one guy who is F2P and he does just fine and says he doesn’t mind any of the things other people will get with this. He has a 60% win rate as well.

  9. Monetization was never part of these goals ~ until January 2024! then we at WG will start the inevitable process to start to bleed your credit card dry

    Monetization was never part of these goals.
    complete bollocks WG!
    it’s at every corner of everything you do one way or another this for the last 6 years,
    – your just like Politicians you lie then more lies all with a slimy smile … trust me I’m Wargame? yeah right!

  10. Your all thinking to far down the line… Tier 10 vs tier 10…. Wait till a seal clubber drops his 8 skill t67 on tier 4s. Or even better a fmc pak 40 with 8 skill crew vs tier 3…. Dont get me started on lehf.

    1. I already have an 8 skill crew in a 36 pak with bounty equipment on it. Where I trained my Foch B Crew. I have an 8 skill crew for LEFH — where I have bond equipment on it already. Where I train my crew. What is your point?

      I dealt with all these things when I started, I got seal clubbed by people in pz s35 and other overpowered tier 3 tanks along with a few others. Some people only play tier 3 by the way. They have 30 thousand games in some of those tanks do you think they aren’t running bond equipment already?

  11. It amazes me that those idiotic heads at WG never learn, they fucked up once at WOW and they are going to fuck up and WOT.
    They listen to idiotic sealclubbers and stats padders on the sandbox when they shouldn’t and then don’t listen to the CC when they should. This fucking game of rape will be even more about raping noobs with no skills.
    I have 10s of 6 skills crews so this idiotic system will benefit me and I still think it’s the dumbest idea of the century.
    And they are such a fucking joke when they say that monetisation is not in their minds, how can they say that to our faces.

  12. Crew 2.0 was the only non redfriendly idea WG got in long time, if you are bad at choosing your skills you have bad efficiency in battle.
    More thinking was approach.
    Sad it got high pay to win aspects and other stupid things in their implementation

  13. bring on crew 2.0. Most of the feedback right now is just noise and cry influenced by influencers. People will quit, new people will come and replace them. The life goes on. If too many ppl quit then wg will fix it. But right now ppl who dont even play the game are complaining about the mechanic. Just bring it on.

  14. I’m organising a boycott of tank fest this year. I’m not giving any money to the tank museum until they stop sponsoring WG and wot.
    If we can get enough people we can protest outside the event too.

  15. WG say after “reset crew perks for free for 30 days” get your wallet out and get ready to pay big bucks to even be able to play. WG say “We love to screw over our players”.

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