22 thoughts on “WoT Classic: What Are Your Thoughts?

  1. Ugly as hell
    No physics
    Few tanks
    Worse maps
    But at least nostalgia is there… kinda

    Fighting tier 10 with 6.
    Ye thats so cool mm.

    1. sure it is, I remember 2 shot, 2 kills in KV-2 to T10s and being first in XP hehe of both teams

  2. The sad part is, despite the various problems the original had, the tanks were actually far better balanced than the tripe we have now, premium tanks were options, not upgrades.

  3. It’s a tricky one.
    Graphics were really bad.
    Physics is acceptable.
    Balancing was way better than it is now.
    Clickers were nightmares.
    LTs were trash.
    Some tanks were seriously broken.
    Maps were pretty shit to be honest. In terms of balancing, the current maps are way better but maps back then were way more unique.
    Gold ammos were already spammable back in 2014.
    Some aspects were obviously better but some others were seriously worse.
    No one can deny that WoT has made a huge progress in the last 10 years.
    So if I have to choose, I’ll stay with the modern WoT but before the bloody Skoda T56 & BZ-176.

  4. If it’s version 0.9.17, then yes, if anything else no. Imo that was the last best patch version of WoT. Everything that came after slowly drip fed an increase powercreep.

    1. Yes! was the last content update before the dreaded 3-5-7 MM and Stun Arty. Although sadly cross team chat was removed a couple of patches earlier. I guess I would rather have a fork of the game that is based on that version but with all the QoL improvements and some of the better tech trees and maps they have added since. Oh and Arty nerfs. Don’t need them hitting for 2k dmg…

  5. We don’t need a new game for this. Just remove the autoreloader mechanic and restore HE and artillery effectiveness to what they were in their prime.

      1. Who cares about arty? hulldown enjoyers only.
        There is no problem with current arty, half of annoying things are hulldown tanks and wheel doing 180 ° turns

        1. I don’t like hulldown gameplay or arty. Remove arty, add more weakspots to all turrets, and get rid of a lot of the hull covers in the cities.

      2. Arty was never a problem, it’s the Chieftain kids who keep crying about it on social media, has been the case since arty capped at Tier 8 and the hulldown monster at the time was IS-7.

  6. Oh so everyone is completely fine with getting smacked by a T92 firing gold with a 28m splash radius? If you have a paper thin vehicle, such as a scout, your bush is pretty much a write-off… If you think stun is bad now, just wait until your T-54 gets zeroed with your platoonmate in the one single shot…

    1. Arty sucks everytime – classic wot arty hasnt the splash radius like now but hell this ap wiith 1700 dmg on t92 or HE pen for ober 2,2k dmg this was absolut shit but what we have now …a arty with stupid big splash that every fucking time stun you (without xvm and real name its okay) – I mean you stay save behind a big house but hey atty can splash in front of the house – you get no dmg but stun time – and if arty hits you its like rng how much dmg.

      So we have the classic arty with big alpha (if hits)
      And the current arty with big splash and stun

      I hate both

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