WoT: Introducing The Ka-Ri

From 1942, Japanese engineers began to take an active interest in German tanks in general, as well as in their components. By 1943, a large amount of materials was accumulated, which served as a basis for creating their own projects, one of which was the Type 5 Ka-Ri heavy tank destroyer. Its very powerful armament allowed it to hit any American tank, and its thick frontal armor provided reliable protection from most tank destroyers. The presence of such a vehicle would have significantly strengthened Japan’s defense potential, but its development began too late. It existed only in blueprints due to the war ending.


6 thoughts on “WoT: Introducing The Ka-Ri

  1. yea buy 50 boxes and then get an auto copy and paste su 130 pm . what a joke . greed knows know levels

      1. It’s about the SU-130PM and Forest Spirit tanks, which are exactly the same tanks only Forest Spirit has a fixed 3D skin

  2. they also straight up lie about the new td . The thing has no armor . Then they say the tanks selection is good and its not most are bad or average .

  3. They describe this tank as an assault TD is totally false but this thing as a sniper is pretty good.
    0.26 accuracy with rather fast aim time for 500 alpha every 10s? That’s a pretty sick gun at tier 8.
    Mobility is definitely not MT level but it’s quite mobile with a decent 16+ hp/t and 40 km/h top speed as well as a health -18 reverse speed and good turning speed.
    Its platform is a carton box so you won’t bounce shit but at least you won’t get pen by HE.
    Overall not a flexible tank, not an epic tank but it can snipe the shit out of anything making a mistake.

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