WoT: Shamrock Days Are Coming! (Emerald LootBoxes)

During Shamrock Days (from March 16 through March 22), World of Tanks will celebrate St. Patrick’s Day in a threefold way: with the Hidden Treasures web event, special battle missions, and the Green Light in-game event. During the latter, Emerald Boxes will be available from the in-game Store and Premium Shop, giving you a chance to obtain rare vehicles. Every 50th opening guarantees you one.

the ×5 bonus to XP for the first win of the day will be active, and lots of discounts will be offered on researchable and Premium vehicles, equipment, consumables, customization elements, and conversion to Free XP.

Happy Hours will be in effect every day from March 16 to March 20, from 18:00 to 22:00 CET (UTC+1), granting an additional bonus (+200% to Crew XP on the first and the third day or +50% to XP on the second and the fourth day).

Hidden Treasures

Hidden Treasures will run from March 16 through March 22. To participate, just log in to the event page with your World of Tanks credentials and play a treasure hunt game. Every day, flip five tiles on a 25-tile field to receive a special bonus code. You’ll receive different prizes depending on the tiles you flip. However, you are guaranteed a day of WoT Premium Account on the first day of the event, a Training Guide on the second, and a new 2D style on the third.

Battle Missions

  • The repeatable Good Luck missions, available during Happy Hours (every day from March 16 to March 20, from 18:00 to 22:00 CET (UTC+1) every day of the event), will reward you with extra XP or Crew XP.
  • The Four-Leaf Clover missions can be completed up to 7 times per day and will be available all day long from March 16 through March 22. The WoT-branded stamps you earn from these missions can be exchanged for styles, decals, emblems, Personal Reserves, consumables, and more in the Homefront Supplies section of the Depot.

Green Light and Emerald Boxes

During the Green Light event (from March 16 at 05:30 CET through March 22 at 05:30 CET (UTC+1)), you can purchase Emerald Boxes from the in-game Store and the Premium Shop, with a daily limit of 500 boxes. These boxes come in bundles with 5, 15, 50, or 75 boxes and an equal number of battle missions for ×5 XP.

Each Emerald Box may contain:

  • One of 9 rare Premium vehicles (Probability: 2%)
  • One of 10 rare 2D styles (Probability: 10%)
  • A Crew Book or a male crew member with Brothers in Arms as a zero perk (Probability: 25%)
  • One of the following: Days of WoT Premium Account, Personal Reserves, credits, or a battle mission for ×5 XP (Probability: 100%)
shamrock_days_2023_jurassic_period shamrock_days_2023_black_friday shamrock_days_2023_hou_yi's_honor shamrock_days_2023_autumn_wind shamrock_days_2023_tango shamrock_days_2023_oakwood shamrock_days_2023_nightfall shamrock_days_2023_celadon shamrock_days_2023_red_desert shamrock_days_2023_touchdown

For every 50 Emerald Boxes you open, you’re guaranteed one of the nine Premium vehicles shown above. If a vehicle drops before the 50th box opening, the counter is reset.

The Emerald Boxes will only drop vehicles that you don’t already have in your Garage. Once you have all nine vehicles, the next vehicle drop will grant its value in gold instead.

If you don’t open all of your Emerald Boxes in time, they will open automatically at the end of the event.

During the event, the Emerald Boxes will be dropping two extra special Premium vehicles: the Ka-Ri, a brand-new Tier VIII Japanese assault TD, and the Forest Spirit (the SU-130PM), a tried-and-tested Soviet ambush TD with fresh looks reminiscent of green woods and druidic chants.


26 thoughts on “WoT: Shamrock Days Are Coming! (Emerald LootBoxes)

      1. not a whale but spending a healthy amount regularly but even I gonna skip this obvious scam I mean u are not even able to choose which shit u are going to buy no gold premium tanks that many dont have because they are shit so no gold compensation very low chance to drop 3d style new japanese td or crew for an astronomical amount of money

      2. I’m a whale and I’m giving it a hard pass, its disgusting. I own the Gonsalo which would of been the only tank that I wanted out of this mess, why would I pay for a trash td, one I already own with a new name, even though I bought Mars, the Kirovets, and 59patton, NOPE, hard pass, Japanese TD will come again on a sale, watch an see. I got pulled in on the hype for vipera, its been out of my garage 3 times.

      3. Used to be one
        Got all prems worth buying. Rares too.

        Just stopped playing
        Not even client installed anymore

        What’s the point if teams are afk and toxic?

        This game is just depressing

        Wg literally stated it doesn’t matter (via Support and lack of cheater bans) so ye

        Can’t give a damn anymore.
        Just here for the lulz
        .game is a joke

  1. Thanks for nothing; I’ll be taking a hard pass. Particularly since I suspect that SU-103PM clone counts as a different machine from the original SU-130PM.

  2. Even though I want the Ka-Ri, I’m strongly considering to give the lootboxes a hard pass and a big finger.

    1. I’m in the same boat as you…I’ll spend money on something I want, not a “diversification” of my fleet of premium tanks that I don’t use enough.

  3. I’m so glad they put rather lame tanks in the boxes (and no guaranteed gold either), this way I won’t have FOMO. I see this as an absolute win.

  4. Already came accross a Ka-Ri on NA while doing daily missions today. Had no issues penning it frontally anywhere with the M48 Rpz standard shells. Also, it’s a fairly large vehicle, just like the tier 9 Jagdtiger is.

    1. It’s not great but it’s something I still want…just not enough to buy a stupid amount of boxes.

      1. I wouldn’t mind buying it directly, but gambling to get it? Not with so many horrible filler tanks.

  5. Whoever in charge at WG currently is an absolute fucktard.
    A game loved by millions now has become something people feel sick for talking about it.
    They just successfully lengthen my break from the game.
    If they keep going at this pace then I might be uninstall soon.
    So sad seeing this happening.

  6. You can’t blame WG for giving what the players want.
    When there’s wankers like Saxsan4 spending hundreds of Euro on loot boxes to get one tank of course WG are going to continue with loot boxes

  7. What happened to the Irish fairytales?
    The truth only brings me tears.
    There’s no gold at the end of the rainbow
    Just a bunch of … queers

  8. Well i’m going yo buy 50 boxes because it is tradition by my side 🙂 hope to find Gansolo, other vehicles are meh

    1. You could of bought Gonsalo in the birthday event auction for min bid which I did for two different accounts. No need to deal with loot boxes to get it.

  9. What a really stupid whale hunting expedition.
    There is nothing interesting here and they want people to buy lootboxes.
    If they had made interesting 3d styles with St. Patrick theme for different tanks i would buy those. But this is just ridiculous. I`m a whale and i don’t even want to get any of those things they offer. Like none of them.

  10. “Forest Spirit” should’ve been a buyable skin, not a tank. Of course, for WG it makes perfect sense since owners of the original SU-130PM (which also has a unique 3D skin) will have to pay much more than they would’ve if they bought a skin – tank is some 36€, a skin for a Tier 8 would’ve been at most 15€.

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