7 thoughts on “WoT: Battle Pass Completion Calculator

  1. The only issue I see is that the Stg/points don’t change if you do not include the last day. Not sure how you do formula for those columns to be able to adjust based on including/excluding the last day.

      1. I did that, hence the ” if you do not include the last day” and the stg/points didn’t change. Changing the date to May 29th doesn’t change the stg/points either.

    1. Just tested the master and it works fine. Maybe you entered data somewhere you should not have? Just download a fresh copy.

  2. I have my own excel spreadsheet for battle passes. It’s fairly simple to make. I have 3 columns with 100%, 133% and 150% progression. I haven’t been playing as much as the first year of battle passes, so my progress is between close to 133% progress. Maybe I should change it to 125% because I think that’s how my progress has been.
    I have this configuration so I know if I am falling behind 100% schedule if I can’t play for a few days. Also in my version, I do not include the last day any more. I forgot which season it was, but I was less than 40 points away from completing the 150th stage, and I looked at my spreadsheet thinking, I got another day to do this. Maybe I should go to sleep. I was wrong; I didn’t get another day to do this.

  3. You enter the start and end dates that WG announces for the season. The “include last day” option is there because in the past the last posted day was only a few hours in the morning.

    Next season just enter the new dates and sheet will update for those dates, essentially making this perpetual until WG changes something.

    Working on a revision that will allow you to adjust the table based on your current progress and your estimated daily points.

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