WoT RU: Ranked Battles – test season

We present you a new test season of Ranked Battles, which is unique in the following features:

  • Battles will take place on Tier VIII vehicles, there are no other restrictions on vehicles.
  • The battle format is 7v7.
  • The duration of the battle is 12 minutes.
  • The combat type is standard.
  • The annual award and medals for this season will not be issued.
  • The matchmaker will collect battles by division without taking into account the player’s rank within the division. How it works: Qualifying participants will get into battles with players from the 1st division.
  • In case of a long waiting time, fights can be collected from neighboring divisions and leagues.
  • Test season statistics will not be maintained.

Mode Schedule

 March 13  – April 10

RU1, RU2, RU4 RU8
13:00 –23:00 (MSK) 12:00 – 17:00 (MSK)

WoT RU Client

General information and progression system

The test season of Ranked Battles will last 4 weeks: from March 13 to April 10.

To move up the ranks and get into one of the leagues, you need 79 chevrons.

Victory decides

We would like to get rid of situations where personal efficiency could become more important than the team’s victory. To this end, in the test season, chevrons will be credited only for victorious battles.

This season they will be credited according to the rules:

Fight and earn valuable rewards!

In the test season of Ranked Battles, valuable rewards await you for high performance in battle. Fight your opponents with Tier VIII vehicles and earn bonds and impressive styles!

As part of the qualification, you can get credits, bonds, as well as a premium account.

50 bonds

60,000 credits

1 day premium account

325 bonds

Style “Green scales”

325 bonds

Emerald Scale Style

325 bonds

Style “Golden Scales”

Battle Pass Points

By fighting in Ranked Battles, you can earn Battle Pass points. Their number will depend on your place by experience in the team’s post-battle statistics. Points can be obtained even in case of a defeat or a draw, accrual occurs according to the scheme:

12 7 5
3 – 5 5 3
6 – 7 0 0

19 thoughts on “WoT RU: Ranked Battles – test season

    1. “The combat type is standard,” I think that means they only allow tech tree vehicles instead of premiums and rewards, unless that denotates battle type, in which case oof for the russians ig.

      1. You have problem understanding words mate?
        “Battles will take place on Tier VIII vehicles, there are no other restrictions on vehicles.”
        This means only tier 8 tanks and also means every single tier 8 tank is allowed.
        “The combat type is standard.” means only Standard battles, no Encounter and Assault battles.
        Even me not a native speaker can understand this article entirely :/

      1. You want Ranked to stay exclusive to Tier 10? It’s about time WG made it available for lower tiers too.

      2. There will be no fun in a competitve mode without any balance.
        I truly can’t understand he wants it.
        Tier 10 apart CW tanks are way more balanced than tier 8 but tier 10 rank still sucks.
        The main problem was of course the stupid chevron system but the tank balancing did take its part and you were left with only a few competitive choices.
        If you want a decent tier 8 rank then it has to have a specific tank ban list and a fully rework chevron system as well as a super complicated MM system.
        The MM system has to be based on ELO + actual tank roles at the same and you know that WG can’t even make it clear for beginners what kind of tank they are playing.
        It’s just stupid when you pick the T57 HT/50B/Rino and get matched up with the bloody Vz.55 and Kran, or Leo1 vs. UDES 15/16, or Grille 15 vs. E3.
        This stupidity of random battle MM has to be fixed entirely and mixed with an ELO system that makes you play against equal level-of-skill players in the same kind of tanks. Otherwise, there will be roflstomps left right and center just like Onslaught.

  1. 7v7 without any vehicle restriction?
    Hell yes there will be full of the rocket booster shit, 920-alpha Skoda and Bourrasque.
    Sounds extremely fun right? =))))
    WoT RU is now a totally different universe.
    Absolute madness.

    1. WoT RU is now a totally different universe.

      They’re just more honest than the other regions, that’s the only difference.

      1. I’ll be jealous of them if Lesta Studio makes a serious tank rebalancing.
        But from what they’ve been testing recently, hell no.
        How do these tests make them more honest than the others?
        Until you have experienced their kind of monetization, do not say anything for certain.

  2. If Ranked Battle were run exclusively with TechTree tanks, the odds would be the same for everyone.
    Then it would also work with Tier 8…

      1. I was doing that to have better random stats (the only that maters). But dont care anymore, I just go afk if getting shot by gold cheating ammo anyway

        1. Haha. I did some crew grinding in Onslaught. Played stock crews, so I would not be forced to play them in randoms. Teammates got mad at me. 😅

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