WoT RU: Tier 8 Ranked Battles Test

The test is available until February 28, 21:00 (MSK).

Test season of Ranked Battles: what’s new?

Tier VIII vehicles only

We see that Tier VIII vehicles are very popular in the game, so we want to give you the opportunity to play these vehicles in Ranked Battles as well. To make the battles as comfortable as possible, other tiers in the test season won’t take place. No “nines” and “tens” in the top!

Format 7×7 and 12 minutes of battle

In order to avoid long positional confrontations, increase activity and expand the variability of actions in each battle, we want to test a reduced team composition ( 7 vehicles each ) and a shorter battle time ( 12 minutes ).

Victory decides

We would like to get rid of situations where personal efficiency could become more important than the team’s victory. To this end, in the test season, chevrons will be credited only for victorious battles.

What it looks like:

1 +1 1 0
2 +1 2 -1
3 +1 3 -1
4 +1 4 -1
5 +1 5 -1
6 +1 6 -1
7 +1 7 -1
Additional Information
  • The matchmaker will collect battles by division without taking into account the player’s rank within the division. How it works:
    • qualifying participants will get into battles with players of the 1st division;
    • members of the 3rd division will get into battles with league players.
  • In case of a long waiting time, fights can be assembled from neighboring divisions.
  • Test season statistics will not be maintained.


  • All features listed above are valid for testing purposes only and are subject to change.
  • As part of testing, only one season of Ranked Battles takes place, so annual rewards are not available here.

Known Issues

  • Incorrect display of information about the test season of Ranked Battles in a number of places in the client.
  • Clans unavailable.

How to participate

  • Use this link. Lesta Game Center will download all additional files.
  • Start playing.

Everyone can participate in the test, regardless of the date of registration in the game.


19 thoughts on “WoT RU: Tier 8 Ranked Battles Test

      1. then why the fuck is this even on here? none of us play on that “other” company anymore

        can you really blame people since it is something wg will totally do on all servers if it goes ok on RU. you must be new

        1. @cope you are obviously some 43% cúnt who can’t read.
          Enjoy your life oblivious to the fact you will always be a useless cúnt

  1. WOW, such WOW.
    It will be super “interesting” when there are only BZ-176 and Bourrasque in the battle =)))))
    From “interesting” SPG stun mechanics changes to this “interesting” tier 8 Ranked mode.
    WoT RU now is truly out of this world =)))))))

  2. As the EU tier 10 ranked did not include and clan wars rewards tanks, maybe the tier 8 would not include premium tanks.

    But what tier 8 tanks would be really much good?

      1. And Obj.416. Also, I like Udes 14 2 . And from heavies, T32. IS3 is good too. I heard that Tiger 2 is good now, after the buff. From TDs, Charioteer is my favorite. Borsig could be a good choice, if you don’t mind that is slow.

    1. Talking about tier 8 Techtree tanks:
      – Light: The best one is LMHTV, it’s the best spotter at tier 8, even better than LT-432. Lynx is very hard to play but if you’re really good, you can make it shine. The most univeral choice is the BC 12t.
      – Medium: None of the tier 8 techtree MTs is epic. T-44, Pantera and UDES 14 is good enough and the rest is from playable to trash.
      – TD: Charioteer is a choice with its HESH.
      Borsig if RNG is on your side, 334 HEAT & 750 alpha with a fully rotatable turret cannot be underestimated. Or you can be a slow but sneaky Skorpion with the 12.8cm gun.
      The UDES 03 is actually crazy good if you’re a good LT player.
      – Heavies are always favoured by WG and yes, tier 8 techtree HTs have some serious names.
      T-32: close to impenetrable turret, -10 gun depression, very good DPM, able to perma-track people and okay gun handling.
      Tiger II: it has the best gun among tier 8 HTs.The turret is bad against gold but you can turn it a bit using your gun to block 1 side of its cheek when sidescraping. Slap a turbo on it and you can’t go wrong with the King Tiger. I forgot that 285 APCR with crazy good shell velocity.
      Caenarvon: you have 3.3k DPM with this tank. 5s reload for 280 alpha with pretty good gun handling and -10 gun depression. If the game is a bit equal, you’ll get a 5k+ game.
      These 3 tanks are the best from the Techtree and they can compete with the best premiums in the game. no joke.
      M-III-Y, 53TP, Progetto 54, KV-4 are good tanks and the rest is from playable to bad.

          1. The museum at Saumur has an ELC bis on display and an ELC 30 in the kids play area that you can get in. The ELC 30 has twin 30mm cannons, I’m amazed it’s not in the game.

          2. The EBR 75 exists IRL too.
            And in the game, you can’t see these things if you’re more than ~250m away from them XD

  3. Dude i have to say this is the worst idea EVER . I know this is RU another company but still what a dumb idea . Premium tanks will rule . I hope onslaught on NA replaces ranked as they said .

    1. Wow, you like Onslaught? I didn’t see that coming XD
      As a masochist who grinded my ass off and still didn’t get the Legend rank, I hope they rework the Ranked mode and delete this garbage Onslaught entirely.
      If you’re curious then: I got 1.5k pts with 48% winrate =))))))
      The MM system of Onslaught is the most disgusting thing ever and 99% of the battles were hard roflstomps.
      If the game says yes then you’ll win. If the game says no, you can’t do shit no matter what.

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