WoT: T54 Heavy Tank Review

Have you checked out the Auction yet? Today is your last chance to get a new and exclusive high-tier Premium vehicle! The last lot is available until February 19, so take the chance and outbid the competition for this exceptional offer.

T54 Heavy Tank

The final lot is the brand-new T54 Heavy Tank—a new addition to the beloved collection of American heavies that know how to make trouble on the battlefield.

Let’s see why this rookie should roll straight from the Auction into your collection!



The T54 Heavy Tank is fitted with “only” a 120 mm cannon, but it can easily hold its own against peers with larger calibers. The impressive 450 HP of alpha damage proves that size doesn’t matter, and a 240 mm penetration value will get the job done. Just get close to your target to account for the high dispersion value and watch enemy HP melt away.

The most remarkable feature of the new heavy tank’s armament is the exceptionally high 12 degrees of gun depression—a top value for its class and tier. Hull-down gameplay is as easy as (apple) pie aboard this American brawler, and every pile of gravel or ridgeline makes for excellent cover.

The 2.8-second aiming time and mediocre turret traverse don’t allow for quick potshots, so it’s best to find your spot on the map, hunker down, and wait for opponents to draw in.



The T54 Heavy Tank’s solid 400-meter view range lets you keep an eye on the battle and prevent surprise flanking opponents. Awareness of your surroundings is important as the American heavy doesn’t have the armor one would expect—especially on its sides. The 1,700 HP pool isn’t that deep, either, so it’s best to avoid trading shots and full-on brawls.

The T54 is meant to be a speed bump on the battlefield—an obstacle to stop a breakthrough and defend key positions. The 254 mm frontal turret armor is good enough to bounce incoming shells by medium and even heavy tank opponents. But keep the large and weakly armored cupola in mind. It’s a popular target, so it’s better to take a position that keeps it hidden.



The T54 Heavy Tank delivers on what its name suggests: It’s a heavy tank, and its mobility is on par with its peers. The 34 km/h top speed, adequate terrain resistance, and a sufficient power-to-weight ratio will get you in a good position on the battlefield. But the low tank traverse speeds will make it hard to retreat or avoid being outmaneuvered by more agile adversaries.

Try to stay together with other heavy tanks so you can provide cover for each other.


Check out the setup below to ensure the maximum performance of your tank.

Improved Hardening

Gun Rammer

Vertical Stabilizer

Gun Rammer

Vertical Stabilizer
Crew Skills


Situational Awareness

Brothers in Arms


Snap Shot

Brothers in Arms


Smooth Ride

Brothers in Arms



Brothers in Arms

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14 thoughts on “WoT: T54 Heavy Tank Review

  1. junk tank
    even if u manage to buy it, people won’t play it so much
    its just a failed copy of a renegade witch is far , by far a better tank at its tier even tho this one has “preferentail mm”

  2. You players are just useless cùnts.
    You complain about op tanks then still complain about balanced tanks
    No wonder average wr 48%

    1. Well said . Everyone wants balance in the game , when a balanced tank come in they moan about it . Wargaming brought this on themselves with there op tanks

  3. Pathetic auction program realized by a wanker at wargaming.
    Sadly there is not much to expect from WG anymore on any aspect of the game, those tossers are just matching the game to their fucking high depression, autoloader and strong turret meta, sales, rewards, maps are all going this way.

    11 years of gaming 52k games, 56% WR, the last 10k games are loss over loss over loss, almost almost all my tiers X tanks have dropped below 50% win even 45% because of senseless op reward tanks and unilateral MM where you have fucking teams of unicums whores and your team is an army of mongoloids twats not understanding the front to the rear of their tanks, all this made worse by letting East Eu players come and play on West EU servers.

    That game has gone through the window, nothing short of a miracle will save it and the recent shitshow of the Lion and the auctions is proud of needed that it won’t happen

  4. I can think of better ways to spend sixty bucks (which might be enough for a minimal bid on the NA server). Particularly after getting the Lion.

  5. The thing is, this tank is not even balanced, it’s trash as fck but it still manages to make the game less fun and more punishing simply because of that alpha.
    This thing is neither balanced nor healthy for the game.
    It only shows how incompetent WG really is at the current period.
    Instead of fixing the game to get attention from more player, they make new contents then sell them for quick bucks. Sadly, most of these new contents are just shit.
    At least, this time it’s not another OP premium tank.

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