19 thoughts on “WoT EU: Auction 2023 Day 5 – T54 Heavy

  1. If I know, that this auction is so week, maybe bid more for the death star. Next time pls no more copy paste tanks

  2. Seeing that this is the final lot, that would mean that this is the first auction event that nothing was offered to free to play players. Not a single offer for a premium tank for credits or free xp.

          1. It’s not even p2w. I would define it as, pay to participate. Look at the T-832 marathon as an example. And now this “auction” with only 1 credit offer.
            Curious to see if we will ever have a doable marathon ever again, or affordable T8 prems like in the past

        1. No, last year I got the Peregrine. The year before that I got the VK168 and T25 Pilot. The year before that I got a T1-LPC, Turtle and Lansen C. The first year, I got the Chrysler G, Schwarpanzer, Blackdog, and Caenarvon AX. Every year, they have had something for free to play players.

    1. On EU bidders exceeded the number of tanks – it’s 19k bidders for 15k tanks, competitive bid is at 13500 gold.

      Granted, EU is the whalest server more or less.

      1. This a-political reply

        This isht happened because a huge lot of CIS players migrated to EU servers..
        I don’t want to say anything offensive, but a percentage of those aformentioned players are actually heavy donators(money spenders) and WG analyzed the stats(saw that number of ppl with gold increased) and realized that those who want the tank – can afford it, even if they make them overpay for it.

        This auction was pure and simple gold sucking(in any way possible)..

        I am really happy that I got Peregrine last year(before this merger cr4p happened) more or less for free..

        1. So what?
          You don’t have to participate. You don’t need 40 premium tanks. Three premium tanks is enough to make credits. That’s all premium tanks and good for and if you need more credit then a premium account is only a few Euros.
          Fuck Russian Nazis they have no money for food let alone stupid pixel tanks

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