WoT: Inactive RU Accounts Transferred to EU

Last weekend saw the largest transfer from RU to the EU region.

source: wgstatus

1.153.164 – accounts in 5 days.
These are “sleeping” accounts that did not transfer and, according to their region, were transferred to the EU. After entering the game, they will automatically find themselves in the EU region. This includes Ukrainians, Kazakhs, part of Belarusians, and so on.

17 thoughts on “WoT: Inactive RU Accounts Transferred to EU

    1. Yes cause dead accounts that haven’t been played in months/years are suddenly gonna start jumping into general chat/game chat and start saying slurs

    1. We don’t, but they’re using the EU server as a garbage dump. I also wonder if there are some shady dealings at work, where WG allows Russian trolls access to EU to spread propaganda and the like.

  1. Watch Klaus video. Each dead account with 50+ battles played with zero damage. It’s a huge issue that is ruining the game.

  2. WG should not have automatically transferred these accounts and left them enabled.
    They should have disabled them after the transfer, send the transferred account and email on their registered email adres with a link to reactivate their accounts.

    Would this limit the account used in boosting services, in the short run yes, in the long probably not

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