WoT CT 1.20: Cost Of “Increased Shell Resistance” Changed

Changed the cost of the Increased Shell Resistance equipment item in the Service and Items for Bonds sections from 5000 to 6000 bonds.

5 thoughts on “WoT CT 1.20: Cost Of “Increased Shell Resistance” Changed

    1. For tanks that have 0.16/0.12+ dispersion when moving hull/turret then yes, V.Stab is definitely the best but a lot of tanks with 0.14/0.08 + good aiming speed (~2s base) are willing to drop the V.Stab for something else.
      The Bond Hardening enables every single HT in the game to trade more effectively, and that usually wins you the flank, gives you better chance of winning the game.
      6k bonds for one of these is understandable.

        1. Yes, Hardening used mostly by frontline tanks, trading tanks, so it’s definitely a less universal equipment than V.Stab which can be used by most HTs & MTs and even some LTs.
          But that doesn’t mean Hardening is a less valuable piece of equipment.
          You can ask as many 4k+ players as you want to know their opinions about this.
          It’s just the most valuable equipment for almost every HT. The less amout of players having this on their tanks, the more you’ll enjoy your gaming experience.
          I don’t see any bad thing from increasing this piece of equipment’s price.

        2. vstab can only be used on 3 tank classes (LT, MT & HT), but hardening can be be used on 4 tank classes (all but arty) which makes hardening more universal.

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