WoT CT 1.20: MBT-B Characteristics Nerfed Back

MBT-B returned in terms of performance characteristics to about the 3rd iteration of the Supertested one.

• Dispersion from movement (max.): 0.13 (5.20) to 0.14 (5.60)
• Dispersion from tank traverse (max.): c 0.13 (6.10) to 0.14 (5.55)
• Aiming time: from 1.92 to 2.21 sec
• Armor penetration of 3 (HE) shells: from 125 to 90 mm
• Shell velocity of 3 (HE) shells: from 1,000 to 900 m/s
• Gun Loading: 8.63 to 10.07 sec
• Gun fire rate: from 6.95 to 5.96 
• Average damage per minute of 1 (AP) projectile: from 2920 to 2503
• Average damage per minute of 2 (HEAT) projectile: 2920 to 2503
• Average damage per minute of 3 (HE) projectile: 3581 to 3069

• Chassis turning speed: from 46.93 to 39.63°
• Engine power: 1100 to 1000 h.p.
• Specific power: from 18.33 to 16.67 h.p./t
• Max. forward speed: from 45 to 40 km/h

8 thoughts on “WoT CT 1.20: MBT-B Characteristics Nerfed Back

  1. No, the tank was ALREADY nerfed to this state in the supertest. Its stats in the game files and on tanks.gg haven’t been updated until recently. It was never “re-buffed” or “re-nerfed” at all.

    1. With 1.20 CT1 stats then maybe, or CW reward, because it’s OP as fck.
      But with 1.20 CT2 stats, I can assure you they will not introduce a reward tank that is weaker than the techtree E5.
      The MBT-B in 1.20 CT2 does not only get its stats nerfed a lot, it also gets a massive 240mm flat plate on the turret.
      While its hull is not even comparable to the E5’s hull, its turret is basically the same as E5’s turret, plus a worse gun than E5’s gun. A bit more dynamics won’t make any difference.
      So yeah, they’re just testing the tank.

  2. Won’t change this thing’s OPness (bond equipment and food exist), but thankfully they reverted what were completely unnecessary buffs.

    We are in 2023 and the purple kids should learn that what they get as prizes should be unique, not overpowered.

    1. Hi there, a 29 y/o purple kid here asking if you’re a 70+ super old grandpa who doesn’t even care about what he’s gonna say is true or not? =))))

        1. There are 2 reasons you’re still clueless by now.
          Either you don’t have full info of the tank or you’re just bad at the game.

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