WoT RU CT 1.20: Interesting Stun Mechanic Changes

Note that it’s only being tested on the RU Common Test. (previously a few days ago WG tested the Experimental Equipment nerfs on the RU server as well so who knows; maybe WoT RU became the testing bed of these changes)

Overhaul of the stun mechanic

  • Removed the ability to damage yourself in any way (except in modes where the rules allow you to damage an ally).
  • It has become impossible to stun an ally or self in any of the currently existing modes.
  • The stun does not extend if it hits an enemy that is already stunned.
  • The duration of the stun and the effect of the stun on the crew are now fixed values ​​and no longer depend on the amount of damage dealt. However, they may still vary depending on the equipment that was installed on the target machine.

  • The Additional Noise Insulation equipment has an additional parameter that reduces the effect of the stun on the crew (-10%/-15% depending on whether the equipment was installed in a specialized slot).
  • Removed the parameter that affects the duration of the additional stun (because the tank cannot be re-stunned during the previous stun). It will no longer be displayed in interfaces.
  • Increased the reward for the vehicle that caused the stun by ~7% when allies deal damage to the stunned enemy.
  • Removed the minimum stun duration limit. Previously, the stun time could not be less than 5 seconds (if it was less in time, it did not overlap).
  • The wording “Stun” in statistics, including post-battle, has been replaced with “Disorientation”. However, if the enemy received a stun from Artillery, mines, bombers, he still sees the inscription “crew stun”.
  • Campaign task conditions have been revised: all tasks related to stuns can now only be completed on self-propelled guns, which is explicitly indicated in the task conditions.
  • Simplified task conditions related to the total stun time (it is reduced by ~20%) and the number of stuns per battle if it was necessary to stun 5 or more vehicles. This is due to a decrease in the potential stun time for SPGs, the inability to apply a second stun, as well as the reworking of consumables for subsequent updates.

Decreased maximum stun time for self-propelled guns

All indicated values ​​are relevant only within the framework of the Supertest.

53-OF-500 SU-5 3.9 – 6.5 4.6
53-OF-531 SU-122A, SU-8, SU-14-1 6.6 – 11 7.7
53-OF-551B S-51, SU-14-1, SU-14-2, 212A 11.5 – 23 16.1
F-600D Object 261 11.6 – 29 20.3
F-625D S-51, SU-14-1, SU-14-2, 212A 12.6 – 28 19.6
Spgrgr 18 Hummel, Grille 6.3 – 10.5 7.3
Sprgr L Sturmpanzer I Bison, Sturmpanzer II, Grille 3.96 – 6.6 4.6
Sprgr G Hummel, GW Panther 9.6 – 16 11.2
SprgrG 31 GW Panther 9.9 – 18 12.6
Spgrgr 18 GW Tiger (P), GW Tiger 12.6 – 28 19.6
Gr. 18 Stg GW Tiger (P), GW Tiger, GW E 100 12.4 – 31 21.7
HE M101A1 M12 10.45 – 19 13.3
HE M102 M41 HMC, M44 6.24 – 10.4 7.3
HE M101M4 M12, M40/M43, M53/M55 11.5 – 23 16.1
HE A1M1 M40/M43, M53/M55 12.6 – 28 19.6
HE M146 T92 HMC 14 – 35 24.5
OE ml. 1917 AMX 13 F3 AM 6.3 – 10.5 7.3
OE M101M4 Lorraine 155 ml. 51, B.-C 155 55,
B.-C 155 58
12.15 – 27 19
OE ml. 1956 AMX 13 F3 AM, Lorraine 155 ml. 50,
Lorraine 155 ml. 51
11 – 22 15.4
HE 80lb Mk. 3 Crusader SP, FV207, FV3805 12.1 – 22 15.4
H.E Mk. V FV207, FV3805 12.5 – 25 17.5
H.E Mk. 1D FV3805 12.6 – 28 19.6
H.E Mk. 18 ConquerorGC 13.2 – 33 23.1

28 thoughts on “WoT RU CT 1.20: Interesting Stun Mechanic Changes

  1. HELL NO, look at that stun time of the fcking 261???
    20s??? It literally reloads in 20s. What the fuck?
    They’re fcking dumb or what? Majority of time SPGs will not pen you and even it hits you directly, it won’t stun you for that long.
    But with this they only need to land the shell anywhere near your tank as long as your tank’s still in their splash radius, you will be stunned FOREVER.
    This is actually disgusting.

    1. Remember when wg said if they had to make any more changes to arty after the 3rd rework that they’d just remove them?

      This is what, the 3rd or 4th time they’ve changed them after that rework and players still aren’t happy with it, so I ask, when the fuck are they being removed?

      1. Come on! SPGs are needed to dig out hull-down monsters like Chieftain T95/FV4201, Obj. 279e, IS-7, Obj.260, BZ-176, Iron Arnie, Super Conquerer, Vz. 55…the list goes on and on. Removing artillery means that all of these tanks (some of which are already broken) will get massively buffed – especially since HE-samage has been reduced for all vehicles.

        1. That’s an awful cope, if your class is justified on something that can easily be solved by adding weakspots and making flanking viable again, then it shouldn’t exist.

          Arty has no place in the game, it doesn’t prevent camping, it doesn’t prevent hulldown meta, all it does is punish players for playing active rather than passive while rewarding low effort gameplay.

          1. That’s not low effort gameplay mate.
            Everything clickers do is sit in near the redline and click whatever they see, nothing more.
            That’s clicking gameplay, that’s NO EFFORT gameplay for braindead people.

          2. Vesko’s argument is valid, it’s you who’s coping. Are you a Chieftain spammer? 🙂

            Artillery already struggles to do 400 damage per shot with direct hits because of the dumb as hell HE nerfs (again, done to please the hulldown wankers), making stun more reliable is only fair and these changes fix the randomness of stun as a whole, which is only good.

            Also, good luck making artillery useless by “adding weakspots and flanking”, where were you in the past five years? Playing light tanks and fast mediums is a pain exactly because there are next to no flanking options or weakspots to hit.

            1. Clicker spotted =))))
              Yeah art struggles to do 400 dmg per shot… FROM THE FUCKING REDLINE every 20s =)))))
              If you play the STB or UDES 15/16 and you see 2 red pigs on the enemy team, you’ll feel what is true pain.
              If you ever 3-marked a tier X MT/LT, you’ll know they’re absolutely fine and they’re even more happy without clickers in the battle.
              OP hulldown tanks are a problem that can be solved by nerfs.
              But clickers, they are diseases that only annoy everyone except braindead ones who are pleased by clicking other people from the redline.

              1. Right, because I don’t speak against arty I am an arty main. Mental gymnastics of the average tryhard is as amazing as always.

                By the way, let me ask – for argument’s sake, let’s say I am an arty main. What you’ll do then?

                1. Why do I need to do anything about a random guy on internet?
                  Let alone he’s defending a braindead way to annoy everyone?

                  1. Why are you replying to this random guy’s comments then? 🙂

                    You avoided answering by the way, but I suppose you don’t have any answer to my previous question.

              2. Of course you’re happier with no Arty. You can just sit in one spot and farm damage. I seriously believe WG has never witnessed Arty in real life, or just don’t give a flying f*ck about realism. No, this is just another poke up the tailpipe for a vastly underrated and under appreciated class of vehicle.

              3. Of course I am more happy without clickers, because I can fully enjoy a tank gaming experience without getting clicked from the redline for trying to do so =))))
                What the fck is wrong with these people?
                I guess they’re all clickers?

              4. You truly are a small d moron . You are sat on your arse CLICKING Buttons exactly the same as ALL PLAYERS online . You whine on & on about unfair while playing a rediculous OP avatar from safe hulldown /sidescraping hiding in building positions, knowing full well these games reward such tactics over any other ..We all play to our computer graphics and brain responce abilities .that is the one thing games like wg do well , choices of gameplay style

              5. Actually my preferred arty is bc 155 58, i get 3 shots every 47 seconds. thats 1 shot, 10 second reload, 1 shot 10 second reload, 1 shot 10 second reload.

                shut up cause clearly you dont play arty at all

            2. There are next to no flanking options or weakspots to hit – exactly because everyone is funnelled to the two arty safe corridors on the map.
              Remove the damn clickers and people will start using the 90% of the map that remain.

              1. No they won’t. Just look at battles with no arty. People sit back trying to pad their stats expecting others to do the dirty work for them (flanking, using the rest of the map, etc).

          3. The majority of the tanks listed are reward tanks (premiums basically). You KNOW WG will NOT change them to give weakspots. As for flanking, it’s already possible to do but people don’t want to do the dirty work. They want to sit back and chai snipe. Those people are typically the ones calling for arty to be removed. Is that why you want them gone?

            1. I’m pretty sure you’ve never played any tank with 4k+ avg WN8.
              You have no idea what is required in order to achieve such results.
              Clueless people are always funny =))))

          4. At what point in your mental declination, is possible for you to get any more stupid ! Artillery has played a massive part in EVERY battle throughout History . Every projectile fired indirectly at an enemy position Is Artillery , be it arrows ,trebuchette , cannons or what ever …..

        2. In reality, a Soviet 100mm D10T gun can use 380mm penetration HEAT ammunition. The frontal armor of the Chieftain turret is 350 mm! This could already be solved in tier 8 so that the Chieftain can be sent to the gulag from the hull down position.

      2. They will not remove clickers entirely but they can make them less annoying and less toxic.
        I honestly can’t understand how “smart” those developers have to be in order to even test this kind of “overhaul”.
        The only hope I have left now is they’re WoT RU devs, not WG devs.
        This kind of changes will neither make players more happy nor make more money for themselves, simply unbelievable.

          1. I gOt cLiCkEd fOr 1k bEcAuSe I wAs cAmPiNg tHe eNtIrE gAmE LiTeRaLlY aT tHe eNeMiEs FACE.
            Such a bad boy REEEEEEE =))))))

  2. Love this tranny Babe_Plz_Dont_Report_Me from Asia
    got so triggered over arty 🤣🤣🤣
    Nobody plays arty anymore since HE got trashed.
    If you still can’t deal with arty now then you deserve your 43% win rate.
    Now get back in your cage….

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