WoT RU: Transferring accounts of inactive players

The vast majority of active players have already made a choice, so we have come to the next stage of the separation of companies, which will begin on February 1, 2023  and will consist of the following:

  • accounts of players who live in Russia and Belarus and who have not made their choice earlier will be transferred to the RU-region;
  • the remaining accounts of players who did not make their choice earlier will be transferred to the EU region.

There are many inactive accounts, so the automatic transfer procedure will be carried out gradually and will take several months. February 1 is just the beginning of the automatic transfer process: some accounts can be transferred earlier, some later.


  • If you would like to continue playing in a region that is not the same as your region of residence, please use the account transfer mechanism of your choice before the account is automatically transferred.
  • If you did not have time to make a choice and found that the account was transferred to the wrong region where you would like to play, use the account return mechanism yourself or contact the User Support Center.
  • The account transfer and return mechanism will be available until it is disabled. The shutdown date will be announced additionally on the portal. Please follow the news.


Below you can find answers to a number of questions about automatic account transfer.

Do I need to do something if I have already selected a region before?
If you made a choice and transferred your account, then nothing will change for you. No additional action is required from you.
Will it be possible to return to the RU region after the automatic transfer of the account to the EU region and return the clan if I was the clan commander?
If you continue to be the commander of this clan, then before the automatic transfer procedure closes, you can return to the RU-region with the clan by filling out a corresponding application in the User Support Center.
We will announce the completion of the automatic transfer procedure on the game portal.
I did not have time to select a region – now my account is not in the region where I want to play. What to do?
Please use the account recovery mechanism yourself or contact the Customer Support Center.
How much time do I have to return to the region of interest to me?
The option to transfer back will be active while the automatic transfer procedure is in effect, the end of which we will inform you separately.
How soon will the account of the CIS region be deleted when transferred to the EU region?
The original accounts will be deleted after the automatic transfer process is completed, the completion of which will be announced separately.
• I didn’t make a choice because I don’t have access to my account. Wrote in support, no answer for a month. What to do?
• I mistakenly transferred my account to the EU region and want to return to RU. Support is not responding to my request, how can I get back?
All requests in the Customer Support Center will be processed on a first-come, first-served basis, you need to wait until your request is reviewed.
Will I need to accept any documents or policies if the account has been migrated?
The new publisher of the game for you will be Lesta Games. The first time you sign in to your account, you will be required to accept the Lesta Games End User License Agreement and read and accept the Lesta Games Privacy Policy .
The account transfer is carried out according to the same rules as the account transfer at the player’s choice.
The first time you sign in to your account, you will be required to accept the EU License Agreement . You will also be able to review Wargaming Group Limited’s Privacy Policy .
Account transfers will also be subject to the relevant provisions of the Account Transfer Rules .
What happens to my personal data during automatic transfer?
When automatically transferring an account to Lesta Games, the data of players living in Russia and Belarus, necessary for continuing the game, will be transferred to Lesta Games. This is due to the withdrawal of Wargaming from the markets of Russia and Belarus.
Players will be prompted to read and accept the Lesta Games Privacy Policy upon first logging into their account.
The controller of your data, as before, will be Wargaming Group Limited. You will be able to revisit the Company’s Privacy Policy , a link to which will also be provided when you first log into your account.
The account was linked to a social network, but the link was not saved when the account was transferred. How can I restore access to my account if there is no more mail?
To resolve this issue, please contact the Customer Support Center in your region.
After transferring the account to the EU region, I canceled the deletion of the original account on RU.
What will happen to my RU-account after the end of the possibility to return the account to the RU-region?
The account will remain in the RU region, but will be blocked. You can delete your account yourself through your personal account.
I am a member of a clan, but our commander has not appeared in the game for a long time. How to save the clan if the commander with the clan is moved to the EU region?
In this case, the clan in the RU-region will be disbanded. All clan members will leave the clan.
Where will my account be automatically transferred if I played through Steam / MS Store / Epic Games?
Accounts of all inactive players on the Steam / MS Store / Epic Games platforms will be transferred to the EU region.

10 thoughts on “WoT RU: Transferring accounts of inactive players

  1. There are plenty of Z fascists on WoT EU,and now they want to add more?so they use WoT general chat and other means to propagate their agenda.

    1. and? hollywood, politicians, the news and all that shit isnt propagating an agenda? why only one side is allowed to?

  2. If you live in Russia on Belarus, well that’s YOUR FUCKING PROBLEM, you voted for those IDIOTS, live with them and FUCK OFF EU, we don’t want those retards here EVER!!!!

  3. “the remaining accounts of players who did not make their choice earlier will be transferred to the EU region.”

    Because that makes no sense at all….?!

    But of course it makes sense because then the EU platoon rigging companies can get access to these dormant accounts for more dead account abuse. Perfect solution and proves WG collusion….

  4. They’re using EU as a dumping ground and not even trying to hide it. I wouldn’t be surprised if this move has political backing, considering that Russia is big on training and funding internet trolls to spread disinformation and propaganda.

    WG is already unable to curb Asian hackers in World of Warships, so I have little hope that they’ll police pro-Putler fascists.

    1. What do you expect from a bias Belarusian company? What make you think they are against pro Putler propaganda afgter they did allow it for more than 10 years in one form or another?

      1. I’ve been in WoT for long enough to remember the pro-Stalin decals for Soviet tanks, and how long it took for WG to remove them. So yes, I know what you’re talking about.

        Also, I don’t think “bias Belarusian” matters. It’s become pretty much impossible to talk about any sort of business without mentioning fraud, tax evasion, opaque as hell policies, bad interaction with customers, and so on.

        Seems to me that the core rule is “be as crafty as possible for as long as possible, pay the fine when busted, then be crafty again”.

        1. Yes this is why wot will never be an esport because they have rng and because russians and belowrussians players see no problem with cheating and rigging.

  5. We all know what t hey are doing. They are splitting up and evening out the amount of inactive/dead accounts so they can continue to keep on selling these accounts to the RIGGING/CHEATERS that are doing this. War Gaming has to make a fast buck you know. It’s not enough that they are selling WARPACK, and/or the other cheats that are out there plus they are monetizing every little nook and cranny of this game, that they have to rig & cheat their way into destroying this game.

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