WoT: Experimental Equipment – An Important Update 

Communicating with and listening to our players is a top priority as it helps us make the game better. However, sometimes our efforts to improve and expand the game don’t go as smoothly as planned. 

During the initial giveaway of Experimental Equipment technical issues emerged, giving us more time to review the feedback and data we received. We are now working on modifying the stats and the resource cost of Experimental Equipment. We will share more information in a separate article in the coming days before resuming the giveaway.  

Any Experimental Equipment already claimed by players will remain on their accounts.  

The introduction of Experimental Equipment into the reward rosters of in-game events is on hold until we are sure that it works as intended.

We introduced Experimental Equipment as a way for players to have highly flexible vehicle customization options. Making it available for bonds like Improved Equipment would not work as obtaining the latter requires several Tier X vehicles. Therefore, we made Experimental Equipment available at three Upgrade Levels and usable from Tier V and above to:  

  • make it accessible for both new and experienced players. 
  • have lower efficiency than Improved Equipment, but somewhat higher than that of Bounty Equipment.  

Thank you for your patience and understanding.   

12 thoughts on “WoT: Experimental Equipment – An Important Update 

    1. All the above comments are freaking ignorant and toxic as fuck.
      1. They don’t remove T1 Exp Equips because that does nothing but wastes time and effort. T1 Exp Equips are just irrelevant.
      2. They did listen to our feedbacks this time. Otherwise, everybody would get their mouths full of Exp Equips by now.
      3. They are rebalancing both Exp Equip’s stats and costs, lowering their stats to be exact and costs will be reduced more likely.
      It seems that these people simply don’t read anything before starting to bash WG for whatever reason.
      When they do something bad they get flamed hard. Now they are fixing the things and still getting flamed as usual.
      Why so fcking toxic? Why not be more constructive???

      1. Welcome to the wot community, 85% of it is full of savage animals who seeth over every little thing this company does while the rest are normal people who just wanna play and enjoy the game.

    2. “have lower efficiency than Improved Equipment, but somewhat higher than that of Bounty Equipment. ”

      How big is the gap between bounty & bond equipment? Gun rammer is <10% in relative numbers, 1% in absolute numbers. And they wanted to have something BETWEEN the two to close this gaping hole?!?

      And then how can you end up with new equipment that’s 90% as effektive as one bounty piece AND has 50% effectiveness of ANOTHER equipment?!?

  1. I laughed so hard I lost my breath reading “Communicating with and listening to our players is a top priority as it helps us make the game better” which actually is the opposite.

  2. So no rebalance or removing. Just making it cheaper and available from tier 5+ then in the same sentence we listen to players feedback 🤯
    What do WG actually smoke?!

  3. Well they certainly don’t get feedback or player comments from the forums because every topic is closed and locked by the usual forum moderator trolls.

  4. Game is becoming even more of a joke every week but the biggest joke are the players who think stuff like this is all fine and are totally ignorant of the changes so long as they can get theirs and shit on other players. Creating even bigger gaps between the have and have nots

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