13 thoughts on “WoT – Assembly Shop: The Lion No. 001

  1. I don’t regret getting the Obj.780 but I already have the Progetto 66, and I’m not sure that this is distinctive enough for my liking. Not to mention that I happened to be working from home the first day of the Obj.780; I’m not taking time off to get the “special edition” of this puppy.

    1. it is worse than progetto in every way except base dispersion and alpha, it is not bad but also not worth it, to not menction that this one costs about 25% more than the 780

  2. sees people calling it a downgrade to prog, compares the 2, sees Lion has 1,000 more DPM, has a partial inverted autoreloader so you’re encouraged to dump 3 shells in an engagement to maximise your DPS AND start the fight by dealing 1200 damage, instead of the prog’s full burst or tickle options
    Nice to see people are just as brainless outside of WoT as in it.

      1. By all means, tell me what hilarious misconception you have about the lion that makes you think it’s bad, it’s base DPM is better than a leopard 1 WITH a gun rammer, on top of having the versatility of a clip. Oh no, it’s slightly slower and has slightly worse gun handling… which is still faster and better gun handling than most tier X meds. So it has a slow intra-clip, big woop, it’s not a true burster, the same way char futur has slow intra-clip but I don’t think anyone will call that tank bad either. This thing is practically a leopard 1 with slightly worse stats but a frontloaded damage initiator AND better DPM AND an extra round for emergencies.
        This thing’ll be a skillcheck tank and idiots that activate that 20 second reload too often will do very badly with while anyone with a brain will be incredibly dangerous.

    1. The brain level is to match the one of WG, they have turned gold into turd, they only know how to do more auto loader non sense and high depression fucking bunker turret tanks, gone is the fun of playing historical tanks no you get raped by non chronological stuff.
      You wouldn’t put an F-15 against a spitfire, they do

      1. I cant for the life of me understand how someone can think historical accuracy matters for gamebalance. Its a fucking game my dude, and none of the tanks have stats that match reality anyway.

        So ofcourse you can put an F-15 against a spitfire and give them equal characteristics. Wot has never been or tried to be a simulator, so when the tank was made in reality has no bearing on its balance in the game.

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