WoT: Top of the Tree – Rheinmetall Panzerwagen & Vz. 55

Available from January 5 at 06:00 CET through February 5 at 06:00 CET (UTC+1)

It’s time to kick off the new year with credit discounts, missions, and special offers on the German light and Czechoslovakian heavy lines! The January specials take you up both lines—all the way to the XRheinmetall Panzerwagen and the XVz. 55.

The XRheinmetall Panzerwagen is a worthy conclusion for this line of active scouts. The concept vehicle has an outstanding 75 km/h top speed, great acceleration and hull traverse speed, excellent gun handling, a tiny turret, and a base view range of 420 meters. It’s everything you can ask for in a light tank—and more.

The line is fast and lightly armored, and it offers the perfect playstyle if you’re looking to fight your way to victory with mobile scouts that pack a punch. Hop in the driver’s seat and take these lawless lights for a spin today!

The XVz. 55 was one of the fearsome Czechoslovakian heavy tanks introduced in 2021. The branch consists of four researchable heavies from Tier VII through Tier X. And from Tier VIII, all Czechoslovakian warriors offer two top guns to match your preferred playstyle. One gun fires in regular mode, while the other is a two-shell autoloader with a short reload time between shells. Pick the one you like the most and annihilate your enemies!

Take a chance and earn this top-tier versatile heavy tank with a low silhouette, an incredibly solid turret with additional armor, a thick lower frontal plate, and two 130 mm top guns to choose from. Adjust the playstyle to your liking and dominate every duel.

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