34 thoughts on “WoT: New Japanese Heavy Tank and Tank Destroyer Branches

  1. Welp…if this is accurate…I still have the Chi-To so that I’m willing to grind. Will just throw some fragments at the Tier-V.

      1. It might be worse than that: Watch the “preview” video, including a glimpse at the new Mirny event.

        Mirny was SUCH AN AMAZING series of events . . . until . . . what LOOKS like a series of dead tank hulls forming a Transformer-esque mega boss tank.

        I REALLY hope that I’m wrong ( or if I’m right, they rethink this )

        Mirny was the best thing WG has done in years. I don’t need Megatron screwing it up in the final chapter!

        1. Holy crap, you guys permanently live off of nostalgia. I mean, man I get it, we all go through it. But it seems like some of posters are so close minded and scared of time passing by they have to be 60 y/o grandpas. I say bring the damn Megatron, thats epic!

          1. It’s not about keeping some “purity” to Transformers – I could not care less about that franchise.

            It IS about keeping Mirny good and interesting. Some morphing robot-like boss tank takes away from that.

            That said: GO CLEAN YOUR ROOM OR YOU WILL GO TO BED WITHOUT DINNER, you young whipper snapper!

    1. Anyone who wants to be competitive in pubs and stuff like ranked/onslaught maybe? The type 5 might not be meta, but the stb1 is objectively one of the best tier 10 meds in the game.

      Tho it takes more braincells to play, and the average wot player is physically incapable of handling more than 2 neurons firing at the same time.

      1. As a player who have played the STB-1 almost 1k battles and have been playnig it at 95% MoE regularly, I can tell you that STB-1 is NOT that good as a lot of people might think.
        The tank itself is capable of farming huge damage yes but you need an ideal scenario to be able to do so.
        In a tier 10 battle, you pretty much can’t peek against any tank with 330+ HEAT or 320+ APCR, because your turret will get pen super easily. Yes I’m talking about hulldown fights, what it seems to be good at.
        When you can’t really go hulldown and kill everyone, you need to rely on enemy’s mistakes, but you only have 360 alpha and your gun is not very reliable.
        I assume you now understand the STB-1’s situation more clearly. It’s not a reliable tank by any shape or form, it can bully lower tier tanks and farm them without too much effort.
        But nowaday WoT is quite different, especially tier 10 battles, where you have nobody to farm, and if you still think you can play aggressively, you’re more likely the one who is gonna get farmed.

    2. you know that the type 5 heavy actually has the 2nd best health besides the maus

  2. Most of these heavies might be as phony as the day as long, but, at this point, who cares that much? They’re historical compared to Chinese derp heavies with rocket boosters!

      1. Except that’s savyet tanks, not chinese ones.
        Then again, the china tree is full of fakes already.

        At least the Ho-Ri designs and the Chi-Se (medium tank, actually) were actual projects.
        Mitsu 108 is a mismash of two other tanks: the Mitsu 104 and the Ishi 108.

        Anything I haven’t mentioned is most probably fake.

        Also, the techtree looks almost identical to Blitz.

            1. If I’m not mistaken it was some wrong translation of japanese text probably it referred to Independent tank but I’m not sure.

              1. Mitsu 108 is created by wargaming, yes.
                But I was asking about the Ishi-108, which is based off the Vickers A1E1 (or is the A1E1).

      2. That project is the one thing that gives this new branch at least a shred of credibility. I’m going to grind them so I guess that’s a vote of confidence.

        1. At least the heavies will only get a 120mm gun or something for tier 10.
          And I expect a 10cm one for the tier 8.

          Just hope there will finally be a tier 8 premium heavy as well.

  3. It’s 2023 and some people still whine about “historical accuracy” in WoT. Seriously, go play War Thunder if that’s your problem…

    1. Spot on, even there they would figure out its not 2014 anymore and wt has tonnes of blueprint tanks. I say why not reimagine what these cool projects would look like??

      WG has bunch of completely made up tanks, sometimes based solely on one sentence in forgotten article, but I would argue they are pretty good at creating believable tanks to which I often say they for sure have blueprints at the first glance. And I m saying that as someone who prefers historical references.

      1. Actually historical accuracy has never been part of the game. All Soviet/Chinese tanks above Tier 6 have been OP since day one. Leopard 1, Leopard PT, and the Centurions are all far superior to any of the Tier 8+ Soviet tanks. And the top tiers of German Heavies are all theoretical (1 almost built and none tested). If you want to get right down to “accuracy” the FV 4202 and the Chieftain Proto should be the 2 most dominant tanks in the game. I’d rather have balanced tanks at this point in the game.

  4. I wished they buffed Japanese super HTs. Armor is useless nowadays and gun heavily suks. Why play them? To lose more??

    I can bet on everything that… if they were to convert the entire tech tree to premium tanks, they would massively buff them, close to OP! XDD

  5. I hope the new Japanese heavy has a gun caliber that’s not 120mm. I would happily trade a little RoF for higher alpha.

  6. Will be extremely disappointing if it’s just a straight copy-paste of the Blitz tech tree. Especially the TDs. Stuff like the Ho-Ni, Jiro-Sha and Na-To really should be included. These were all tank destroyers that physically existed, after all.

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