WoT ST: ST-62 Version II

ST-62 Version II (USSR, Tier-9, LT)

The ST-62 Version II is a representative of Tier IX light tanks from the Soviet Tech Tree. It is equipped with a 100 mm three-shell reverse autoreloader gun (similar to that of the IS-3A). The damage per shot is 300 HP. It has 221 mm of armor penetration with standard shells and 270 mm with special shells. The reload time is 16/13/9 s, and aiming time is 2.5 s. Gun dispersion at 100 m is 0.38 m. The thickness of the armor plates in the frontal projection of the turret reaches 190 mm, while the hull has 80 mm. The light tank has a total of 1,250 HP. Its top speed is 65 km/h, and its specific power is 31.6 h.p./t. It has a view range of 390 m. The good maneuverability and its 100 mm gun with along with reverse autoreloading mechanism will allow you to inflict serious damage to enemy vehicles.

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16 thoughts on “WoT ST: ST-62 Version II

  1. War Gaming, we the player base do not want anymore of the fantasy fake russian vehicles. It’s time you get in touch with your player base and figure out what is really going on.

    1. Johnny Ringo,
      what makes you think that you can speak for the player base of WoT?
      For example, I don’t mind fantasy tanks as long as they are balanced.

      1. i agree, i dont mind fantasy tanks as well, thats why i like games like sprocket, i love tanks in general they dont need to be actual designs.

        1. Just wanna add that the Russian tech tree, outside of like 4 vehicles, has basically no made up vehicles, reward, premium, or tech tree.

          Now shit like the Polish tech tree and the Italians, that’s just bursting with made up stuff, which I don’t mind since the only one that’s broken on any of those trees is the Italian TD branch.

    2. Do yourself a favor and never pretend to speak for the “community”. First of all, the least “fantasy” tanks can be found in the Russian tech tree. It’s not the Dev’s fault that during the Soviet Union the nation cranked out new designs weekly. Second, it’s not their fault that they were born in the ex-Soviet Union, where their core playerbase also comes from, meaning it’s natural to cater to them, just as COD and BF cater to US & Western European audiences hence the “woke soldier” epidemic. Third, the Russian tech tree doesn’t have any high tier premium light tanks.

      1. Thank you.
        I’m all for more light tanks that are actually competitive.
        Hopefully this wave of lights with good enough firepower will usher in a light tank balance update.

    3. Anti russians are just as idiot as Putin. Wot problem is retarded wheels not soviet lights.

      Well that and +/-25 rng

      1. EBRs are as wrong as it sounds NOT a big problem in WoT currently.
        I can deal with them way easier than the Manticore in my AMX 13 105. Yes they are fast but they don’t have good viewrange so in order to counter them, you just need to know where you can and cannot go within your mobility range and what positions to spot them when they attempt to do a suicide scout run.
        +/-25% RNG is uncomfortable and it makes the game quite unpredictable but it’s okay to be honest.
        The biggest issues of the game now is TANK BALANCING and MATCHMAKING, not gold, not wheelies, not clickers. Super unbalanced tanks + retarded MM + experienced playbase lead the game to shit enough of roflstomps as all of us are seeing daily.
        But those 2 factors are what they earn money from so I no longer have hope that someday they will fix it.

  2. As for MM, it’s high time that WoT instituted Tier 11 and put the OP reward tanks in that rank, which would “wick” T9-10 upwards. The big problem with MM is that in a relatively old game fewer and fewer people are playing low-and-mid tier machines and Tier 6 through Tier 8 seldom get to be top-tier in match. This might not be fun for Tier 9 players but it at least buys the game a few years.

  3. Sure… another fake tanks … but the game is already ruined . I start to play this game in 2013…but now is not like it was before. Not like 2013, a lot of improvement during the time, but it looks like WG lost their inspiration and we are bombed with all craps from them….to bad…

    1. So stop playing and piss off so the rest of us can enjoy the game in peace. The amount of people that actually care for historical accuracy insignificant. People dont give a shit, play the game and enjoy or stop.

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