WoT ST: Latta Stridsfordon

Latta Stridsfordon (Sweden, Tier-9, TD)

The Latta Stridsfordon is a Tier IX Swedish tank destroyer. Like other top-tier tank destroyers of this nation, it has the Siege mode ability. Switching to the mode takes 2 s, while switching back takes 1.3 s. The advantages of Siege mode include a reduced reload time, plus increased accuracy and aiming speed. However, speed is reduced in Siege mode. The vehicle is equipped with a 120 mm gun that causes 420 HP of damage per shot. Standard shell penetration is 290 mm, while penetration with special shells is 330 mm. Aiming time is 3 s (2 s), dispersion at 100 m is 0.4 m (0.35 m), and reload time is 12 s (8.5 s). Top speed: 60 km/h (20 km/h). Reverse speed: 40 km/h (20 km/h).
Vehicle characteristics in Siege mode.

The gameplay of the Latta Stridsfordon will be similar to other top-tier tank destroyers from the Swedish Tech Tree.

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8 thoughts on “WoT ST: Latta Stridsfordon

  1. ever thought of this to be a reward tank for e.g. BP?

    and 40mm hull armor says hello to all the 121+mm guns, which can just overmatch it at any angle. my E75 will love this, just like IS-3 and the like …
    all the MTs (except T-34-3 and others with 122mm) will have big problems, though, because of autobounce.

    all in all looks rather balanced on first sight. would be nice addition as an reward tank. not unbalanced stuff like BZ-176 or Cobra (that has drawbacks like reload, at least).

  2. Looks pretty balanced, you cant play it like an idiot with that armor and speed. Isnt that unique that you get such a small amount of gun depression from siege? The strv tanks and the new HK tank gain much more, but this thing can use depression without siege, not that anyone would want to.

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