WoT ST: “Fata Morgana” ​- A new Frontline Desert Map

Fata Morgana (WiP) is a map designed for the Frontline mode. Like other Frontline maps, it features 3×3 km of playable area divided into six capturable sectors and one final zone that holds the five guns that need to be destroyed by attackers.

Situated in a northern African desert, this new map offers a variety of different themes, including a massive industrial port, a vibrant coastal city, a massive oil refinery, a rugged canyon, historic castle ruins, shady caves, and a lush oasis.

The map is not final, but Level Art has already started working on the majority of the map. None of the screenshots shows the final outcome; the map is still a work in progress. In order to facilitate testing, both the map and the Frontline mode were set up to be playable through the training room. This will not be moved over to the main servers.

Lane 1:
Sector A:
The harbor features a lot of hard covers and relatively flat terrain. The layout forces players into mostly close combat scenarios, with some supportive long-range positions. The capture point is situated on a small plateau within the industrial complex.
Sector D:
In the city, strong defensive positions require attackers to flank effectively in order to gain control. Choke points close to the objective makes it hard for attackers to use sheer brute force. The capture point is located on a plaza in front of the pompous city hotel.
Lane 2:
Sector B:
The capture circle inside the archeological dig site turns the ruins of an arena into a battlefield for tanks. Surrounding the arena, several high ground positions help both teams cover the entrances.
Sector E:
In the most central sector of the map, the canyon features a lot of vertical gameplay combined with long shooting ranges. Attackers need to take control of at least one side of the canyon before venturing into the capture point, which is situated on the island in the river.
Lane 3:
Sector C:
An oasis combines open areas with lush foliage and camo gameplay. The capture point near the mosque is difficult to control if the other side of the oasis is not under possession, as well.
Sector F:
Several corners and hard covers make pushing for the airfield difficult. Attackers coming through the cave system need to creep forward, inch by inch, in order to gain control of the capture point located close to the air tower.

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Final Zone:
Some of the main objectives are located in open areas, while others are more enclosed, requiring attackers to gain more ground before taking them out.

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12 thoughts on “WoT ST: “Fata Morgana” ​- A new Frontline Desert Map

  1. Excellent, now just make Frontlines permanent or at least a weekend mode available regularly for us to play and enjoy. I stopped playing turbo garbage 15-3 randoms a while ago, so the sooner WG brings FL to the game as a standard secondary mode to play in game, the more I would be interested in actually playing the game.

    1. Tier 6-7 on a 9 km² map is a dumb idea because 90% of the vehicles in the mid tiers can’t achieve max spotting distance without binoculars and/or good crew and/or food consumable. So it will either become a camp fest and defenders win 99% of the times, or the couple of vehicles with a nice base view range will absolutely dominate the battlefield.

      Tier 8 is perfect for this type of scenario (not only T10s should get the funky stuff), albeit premium tanks are much, much more common.

      1. No it is not a dumb idea. Think out side of the box.
        Lot of meds on that tier can already achieve close to 430m vr, or for light close to or max vr. It’s only heavies, and TD’s of course, that would have a vr challenge. But that should be a good thing!

        But it does need a redesigning of FL.
        Firstly. By adding the need to have heavy tanks to successfully capture a point. For example through giving meds and light tanks a much lower point capture rate then heavies (or TD’s). That would make the defense of a point easier, unless a few heavies roll in that would have a higher point capture rate. Something like this needs to be included, thus not make lower tiered FL infested with only meds and lights.
        Secondly. By limiting the 3 lanes of the org FL maps down to 2 of their lanes. Whereby each lower tier FL game would get a part of the map, consisting of either org lanes 1+2 or 2+3 lanes. This would work much better with the bit lower view ranges of those tiers.
        The last currently combined defenders map, could be split into separate maps to defend.

        An optional.
        The attacking team’s current starting would become blocked, unable to spawn in when the next in lane map gets captured. When moving in that are your get a timer, like the destruction timer defenders currently get when they drive into a lost map, but only difference after the timer you would get re-spawned and not destroyed.

        But being realistic, it’s highly unlikely WG would ever get the original FL developer to make such a change in order to make a lower tier FL. Could it be milked, no = thus that’s not gonna happen.

  2. Estoy de acuerdo con que el FL es divertido y diferente, pero le hace falta una vuelta de tuerca ya que salen muchos bug a la hora de elegir tanque.
    Por otro lado conozco a mucha gente que a pesar de la cantidad de creditos que se ganan en FL no lo quieren ver ni en pintura. Ahora mismo FL es el festival internacional de chetos
    Es imposible jugar una partida en condiciones y si os parais a ver la partida en los momentos en los que no podeis jugar por estar muertos veis como cañones que estan detras de casas, rocas y lomas se mueven siguiendo a un tanque al que supuestamente no pueden apuntar
    Como tanques salen a toda velocidad y sin tiempo para apuntar te meten un amorrak o un critico de cadenas+motor+ torreta sin fallar ni una sola de las salidas que hace
    Eso tambien se ve en aleatorias, pero no tan a lo bestia y mientras que WG no tome medidas contra ese tipo de jugadores este juego no sera ni de lejos lo bueno que podria ser

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