WoT: A Little Clarification About The Future Mechanics of Rocket Boosters in Chinese HTs

Most of the basic parameters of rocket boosters do not change and remain the same from tank to tank, except for one parameter.

Constant parameters:
• Rocket boost preparation time: 5 sec.
• Recharge time between boosts: 4 sec.
• Rocket boost charge duration: 10 sec.
• Rocket boost thrust force: 70
• Rocket boost thrust duration: 0.5
• Rocket boost engine power multiplier: x2.5
• Rocket boost maximum forward speed multiplier: x1.5
• Rocket boost reverse speed multiplier: x0.1
• Chassis turning speed multiplier during Rocket boost: x0,15

Parameter depending on the tier of the tank:
• Number of Rocket boost charges: from 3 to 6.

tier7, 🇨🇳BZ-58 — 3 Rocket boost charges
tier8, 🇨🇳BZ-166 — 4 Rocket boost charges
tier9, 🇨🇳BZ-68 – 5 Rocket boost charges
tier10, 🇨🇳BZ-75 – 6 Rocket boost charges

[Premium] tier8, 🇨🇳BZ -176 – 4 Rocket boost charges

10 thoughts on “WoT: A Little Clarification About The Future Mechanics of Rocket Boosters in Chinese HTs

  1. Watch the booster mechanics get nerfed like the ebrs…but the premium is completely immune…

    Tier 7: 1 to 2 charges, tier 8: 2 to 3 charges etc.. Cause we know premiums are immune from nerfs

    1. The tier 7 and 8 lack the high alpha that make the rocket boosters problematic, so any nerfs here would be seriously misplaced.

      The real problem is the high uptime of boost. It would be better if the boost was infinite, but on a long recharge timer, like 30-60 seconds–maybe 10-15 second duration?

      The real issue is how long they can be boosted over a 25 second span of time. Why 25 seconds? That’s how long it takes mediums to shift flanks or make major repositioning changes. It’s entirely possible for something like a Jagdtiger E-100 to fire, pull back to reload, and peek again only to discover the BZ has crossed 300m and arrived on its side during that reload.

      If the recharge were 30+ seconds, this goes away. It wouldn’t be able to cross large parts of the map while boosted, but it’d still have the ability to instantly accelerate to 50~60kmh for a useful length of time.

      1. i think Dakillzor made a comment about how it’s a little silly with how fast you can boost again / how fast they currently recharge ingame, it’s only like a 5 second cooldown for something you have extremely limited uses of

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