WoT ST: BZ-58 Detailed Stats

BZ-58 (China, Tier-7, HT, techtree, mechanics: rocket boosters)

First value – normal mode / second – with boosters:
• Acceleration preparation time: 5 sec.
• Recharge time between boosts: 4 sec.
• Acceleration charge duration: 10 sec.
• Number of boost charges: 3
• Acceleration engine power multiplier: x2.5
• Accelerating maximum forward speed multiplier: x1.5
• Accelerating maximum reverse speed multiplier: x0.1
• Accelerating chassis turn rate multiplier: x0.15

• Moving Dispersion(max): 0.20 (7.00, 10.50 under acceleration)
• Dispersion during tank traverse (max): 0.20 (5.42, 0.81 under acceleration)
• Chassis turning speed: 27.12(°/sec) / 4.07(°/sec) when accelerating
• Max. forward speed: 35 / 52.5 km/h when accelerating
• Max. reverse speed: 12 / 1.2 km/h when accelerating
• Engine power: 700 / 1,750 hp when accelerating
• Specific power: 13.58 / 33.94 hp/t when accelerating

All performance characteristics are indicated with the commander’s bonus and top configuration.
No description yet.

Crew 4 people: Commander (radio operator); Gunner; Driver; Loader
Role in combat: Breakthrough Heavy Tank.
Special category Equipment: Survivability.

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  1. I find it very funny that even though WG supposedly separated their business from ruzzkie company and supertest program supposedly moved to EU, the only information source still is badly photoshoped ruzzian site.

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