WoT ST: BZ-75

(China, Tier-10, HT, techtree, mechanics: rocket boosters)
Accelerator charges are limited (6 per battle).

First value – normal mode / second – with accelerators:

• Moving Dispersion (max): 0.20 (7.00, 10.50 when accelerating)
• Tank Traverse Dispersion (max) : 0.20 (6.26, 0.94 on acceleration)
• Max. forward speed: 35 / 52.5 km/h when accelerating
• Max. reverse speed: 15 / 1.5 km/h when accelerating
• Engine power: 800 / 2,000 hp when accelerating
• Specific power: 12.9 / 32.26 h.p/t when accelerating

In addition, the tank has 2 guns to choose from:
• The first with the usual set of shells: AP/HEAT and HE.
• Second gun with only HE shells: Regular HE and HESH with high penetration but reduced damage.

Performance characteristics that are affected by rocket boosters:
• Acceleration preparation time: 5 sec.
• Recharge time between boosts: 4 sec.
• Acceleration charge duration: 10 sec.
• Number of Boost Charges: 6
• Power of Boost Push: 70
• Engine Power Multiplier on Boost: x2.5
• Max Forward Speed ​​Multiplier on Boost: x1.5
• Max Reverse Speed ​​Multiplier on Boost: x0.1
• Chassis turn rate multiplier when accelerating: x0.15

Let’s also remind you about the mechanics: when activated, you will not be able to turn properly, so you need to think about when it is best to use the accelerator. As one of the best options — it’s a battering ram. You can also take key positions first relative to other heavys. We think we will see interesting moments in the game with the help of these accelerators more than once.

  • All performance characteristics are indicated with a commander’s bonus.
    ** No description yet.

Crew 4 people: Commander (radio operator); Gunner; Driver; Loader
Role in combat: Breakthrough Heavy tank.
Special category equipment: Survivability.

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    1. That’s probably just fov making it look way longer than it should, the vehicles that normally sit in the background look very squished so I’d imagine it’s about as long as the 5A’s gun

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