Karelia Returns to WoT Console

In update 6.0 many of the core maps got removed from World of Tanks Console because of reasons…
2 years since patch 6.0 WG Console devs almost added back all the core maps to their game. This time Karelia returned.

Karelia-4-Resized-1200x675 Karelia-3-Resized-1200x675 Karelia-2-Resized-1200x675 Karelia-1-Resized-1200x675

Still missing maps:

  • Airfield
  • Berlin
  • Komarin
  • Live Oaks
  • Northwest
  • Paris
  • Province
  • Ruinberg
  • Sacred Valley
  • Serene Coast
  • Severogorsk
  • South Coast
  • Swamp
  • Tundra
  • Widepark
  • Windstorm

9 thoughts on “Karelia Returns to WoT Console

  1. Love really LOVE to get these older fun Maps back into WOT today like now please

    WITHOUT the WG WOT developers ‘modernizing’ and ‘fixing them’ and ‘removing ALL cover’ most had little amount of fuk***g press W key corridors as well

        1. Current camping is the worst it has ever been, TDs turtle near their spawn and pushing into them can be very difficult and even lead to a comeback. It’s very frustrating as well as very common.

          In comparison, years ago, campers could find safe spots near the frontlines and actively contribute to the match. So-called “assault” TDs are just heavy tanks anyway, with more firepower and less health.

          1. Uhu I must recall it differently

            A bush more or less doesn’t change it

            In fact
            Blind firing at famous camper spots pays off.

            Though Prokorovka should be permanently banned. Worst camper shit since Beta. Pay to win for ELC drivers. The only map you can finish scout campaign missions on.the lvl 15s.


    1. Depends on what maps. South Coast was removed as the top team had a 70% WR on that map. I can’t say I ever found that map fun. Some maps will work better with the current meta then they did years ago I suspect. Others less so as they were back then. We just got Pearl River back, but do you remember how the first version of that was? 15 guns camping that bridge near the bottom base waiting for the enemy push just to slaughter them as there was no middle area then. Man that was odd.

      Tho with patch 1.0 we lost a few maps too. Not for balance reasons, but becuase they did not make the rework to the new engine that took 90 days per map if they used all of the team. Windstorm, Scared valley, Swamp or Stalingrad has yet to make a return to name a few. Tho I’m still waiting for Port.

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