WoT Supertest: Steppes Map Changes

Change locations:

1) The sniper position in square A3 has been reworked. Now, players in this position can fend off opponents more easily.

2) Lines 9–0 have been adjusted. Positions have been added for the top team, allowing them to take and hold the lane.

3) The sniper position of the top team in squares A7 and A8 has been reworked.

4) The positions with rocks and bushes have been removed at both sides of lines 8–0.

2 thoughts on “WoT Supertest: Steppes Map Changes

  1. I wonder when they are going to change the map of Paris and Empire Border. Why are they unplayable

  2. Same as above, many really broken mais remain yet they do minor changes, Mines is still the most broken one and left untouched, Empire’s border has been presented as fixed but never released… Tundra, Prokhorovka too need to be looked into…
    And eventually bring back the old maps as well, the more the maps and the better the rotation the more interesting the games will be. The game play as changed so much that some maps can become interesting again.
    But really the main issue is also map rotation, 40+ mais yet in 12 games 3 times the same ones. That is so wrong

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