6 thoughts on “Dress Up for Halloween and Get Combat Abilities for Pumpkin Bash!

  1. A guy called The_Steel_Commander from the [HR-K] clan ruined my game in my Tornvagn in Pumpkin Bash as he as using a TL-1 LPC. I kille dhim 4 times but my team still lost. I can’t force him to sell his TL-1 LPC. Is there a way i cna blackmail him to force him sell his TL-1 LPC and preferabilly waste his money to gift me one?

    If you can help me give me your World of Tanks name and i will gift you 1500 gold.

      1. I am MiMi’s lover and we want to ban The Steel Commander as we are worse than him. Please help me and MiMi, the LGBTIQ+ couple to take down that good player 🙁

  2. Hi!!! Im a bert i ram people to death and get 10k+ damage and 15 kills!! Get good people…and stop being a wusss..

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