WoT Supertest: Mountain Pass Map Changes

Change locations:

1) The height of the hill in square H8 has been decreased, enabling the bottom team to take sniper positions faster.

2) Intermediate covers have been added at the intersections of squares F9–F0 and E9–E0, allowing vehicles to move to the bottom base more safely.

3) Fenders and covers have been added for both teams in squares E9 and B6, allowing for mid- and long-range encounters.

4) The encounter area of heavy tanks has been reworked in squares C7, D7, and D8: The terrain has been changed, new covers have been added, and the gaming zone has been extended.

5) A part of the hill has been cropped and the vegetation has been removed in squares H6 and H7, just as at the top base. Vehicles in this area can now be targeted by vehicles in square H8.

6) The trench at squares H5 and H6 has become deeper, enabling vehicles of the bottom team to move here more safely.

7) The fenders have been reworked in squares G5–H5 and E3–F4. Now, vehicles from both teams will move more safely through the passage zones. Additionally, some new positions have been added, allowing for mid-range encounters.

8) A fender and some intermediate covers have been added in squares E2–G1, and the gaming zone has been extended, enabling players of the bottom team to launch an attack in the direction of the top base.

9) New covers have been added in square F4.

10) The terrain has been changed in squares E6 and D5. Additionally, a passage has been added, allowing vehicles to approach from the water area.

11) A rock has been added in square D4, preventing vehicles in square C3 from shooting at vehicles moving along the bridge.

Some additional changes have been made: Some vegetation has been removed, along with small rocks along different passages, to improve the gameplay on the map.

13 thoughts on “WoT Supertest: Mountain Pass Map Changes

  1. This confirms my arguments. They’re turning maps into corridors. At this rate wargaming will have to eliminate limited (turret and armor) and light tank destroyers. Since according to the map they will not have any “support” function. A disaster what they are doing with the game.

    1. People have been complaining for years about the corridor maps… If you arguments is WG is turning the maps in what already they are to “destroy” the content that is already the less played… Is not like a relly good argument bro

      Btw I kind of like the changes, corridos without cover are unplayable, corridors with some cover to progress are more playable… I think they aim to increase the durability of heavys in game, making the 5mins games somehow longer

      1. @Frank wtf are you mumbling about?!
        If WG are trying to increase heavy tank durability then why are they ever increasing DPM, high alpha and auto guns?!
        Use brain….

    2. the “heavy tank corner” down in the river actually became playable without losing all of your HP from tanks hiding in the bushes positioned along the road that leads to the bridge
      it is true that they have made many corridor maps but in this case the changes seem to offer many more options, like getting from down below in the river/creak up to the bridge area, before you had to go a long way for that

  2. I like some of the changes to make it more like what the top team has on their flank. But all the extra hills and covers again just shows Steve the IS-7 driver complaining about getting hit due to smart meds or lights. So we need to keep him alive longer to make it more corridory.

  3. Again more places for op armored tanks to play and push a long . Who cares if those tanks are already ruling the game yea gj wargaming make it easier for them to do even more now ffs this game is trash . We have a bunch of op tanks so lets make it easier for those op tanks makes no sense .

  4. Some interesting changes but they keep on going down the line of world of fracking depression and hull down op tanks.
    Already a pathetically useless map for classic TDs, lights and arty, this becomes an exclusive map for strong turrets meds, and the new generation of shitty Blockhaus TDs and high depression heavies.
    Another proof of needed that the apes at WG don’t play their own game.
    They only are the best because they are the only ones to offer that game type and environment. It’s tiresome to see idiots ruining their own game

  5. So remove every single place for paper tanks to play . Again the op tanks are hulldown monsters so lets make it easier for those op tanks to do more damage and harder for the other tanks to counter them . Again its just another example of wargaming not playing there own game and listening to a few CCs they like . Im take like 4 . I know this bc ill go to there youtube video or stream and see the comments the CCs make then wargaming will repeat them in the articles for tanks and changes .

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