WoWS: Changes to cross-server Clan activities

Changes to prime times and cross-server mechanics will be implemented for Naval Battle and the 19th season of Clan Battles.

As we talked about at an earlier date, Wargaming has ceased operations in Russia and Belarus, with Lesta Games taking over the game’s operation in those territories.

Due to this shift, starting with the 19th season of Clan Battles, cross-server matchmaking will be disabled for those playing in the RU region.

As a result, players in the NA, EU, and Asia regions will experience the following:

  • Starting from Season 19, players will not encounter teams from the RU region in Clan Battles.
  • In Clan Battles, the prime time of the RU region will not be available (16:00 – 20:00 UTC).
  • The prime times of the EU, NA, and Asia regions remain unchanged.
  • Statistics in the Leaderboard and the Hall of Fame for completed seasons will remain unchanged.
  • Starting from Season 19, the Hall of Fame and the Rating Table will not contain clan statistics from the RU.
  • Starting from October 17, only clans from the EU, NA, and Asia regions will participate in Naval Battle.

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