24 thoughts on “WoT: Which Halloween Event Do You Prefer?

  1. Not gonna lie. It was nice with a break from the usual grind, or trying to do hard mode with randoms on the same map with different rules each year. As I only had to play this mode 2-3 times a day.

    Tho it’s not the kind of mode that will be fun each year tbh. I understand why they changed it. But I hope they mix it up again next year.

    1. The silent hill mode is a much better mode even though it’s repetitive but that’s due to WG making everything an insane grind. Players a few battles of pumpkin mode and was not impressed. Though I understand why they did it but hopefully we get something better next year

  2. I like the PvE events more then the PvP ones even with the silly itens and power ups ….. Leviathan for me still is the best so far.

  3. They would have been better cancelling the Halloween event like they did twice before for no reason.
    “Oh it’s just for fun” @Balaclava …
    Yes but this event isn’t fun!
    I’d rather lick my own dick

  4. Pumpkin bash is meant to be a fun, cut loose mode, but the second they tacked on a win/top score requirement on it, it’s tryhard toxic all over again.
    The win requirement is the primary cause of the community being toxic af. Almost any other competitive game out there, the payout is near identical, win or lose, so people don’t care that much. Whereas with WoT it’s near 3-4x more for winning, it’s absurd.
    And before I hear it, I scored 1st/2nd/1st yesterday getting Sybil.

  5. Both event have good and bad ideas. Last year the hard mode was almost unplayable. But we must to play for to became the tiger. I like in this years event the night map, u can put in random to. More weather pls… Rain, fog

  6. I only lile the bash right now cause it makes the fast arty playable again… Bert going 110kph… Ram build… Trade 300 hp for 1000…

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