WoT: “Pumpkin Bash” – Stage 3

🎃Stage 3 of the “Pumpkin Bash” event has started. Witches are waiting for you.

You can complete missions and get yourself  “Aurelia von Alden”. To do this, you need to play only 3 battles in this mode and use a Magic Shield/battle.

Also, don’t forget to complete separate missions to pick up a themed badge and medal.

6 thoughts on “WoT: “Pumpkin Bash” – Stage 3

  1. you are late with this “only need 3 battles” it is well known since the commander before this one just posted
    Be original, do not copy paste and especialy after 4-5 days already

  2. only 3 battles if you use that shield wise and get into top 7 players by points earing using shield….

    1. Which is easy af if you play tier VI where its mostly just 10v10. It took me effortless 3 battles. There is literally nothing to complain about yet you guys still find a way.

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