8 thoughts on “WoT: Live Oaks, Cliff, Westfield – Map Changes

  1. While it’s great that they’re finally changing maps, I’m just sitting here thinking: fix the broken maps first, fjords is a 70/30 winrate split ffs, it should be a top priority! Airfield is a notoriously dull af stalemate map. The ones being changed in the video weren’t even problematic.

    1. https://thearmoredpatrol.com/2022/08/12/supertest-airfield-map-changes/

      WG proposed already some changes, quite nice, but maybe not enough, since K line keeps as an unplayable noob trap, and C line is still a nomans land.


      Also small changes proposed to mines… I kind of like it, but in general dont get even close to the main problem..

      Fiords needs more changes, need a big fat rework, really small, a lot of unplayable area, also 1 TD spot for every team and 1 heavy corridor where only 2 tanks can play at the same time for his team…

    2. The problem is that they focus mostly in improve the “”bad”” map for heavies, so they fix live oaks, red shire, etc etc but they will not REAL fix empire border, tundra, mines, el halluf and all the other maps that are bad for snipers and lights

  2. Mines… Give south and north there own entry ways to the hill.. Instead of just 1 way death rush…

  3. Based on impressions… This game aims to destroy all light and tank destroyers (soft and limited) for all maps. If Wargaming has so much effort to do that job. Let him remove the TDs from the game and that’s it.
    Too many maps where you have to be face to face to play and that makes it very boring. It looks like a League of Legends with these changes.

    1. Yep they dont like people sniping in sniper tanks thats why they remove every corner with bushes because most of the players that are main heavies complain about that

  4. I don’t understand why screw up cliff if the only change they have to make is to create two straight entrances instead of the entrance that is in E3 and F3. It has already been proven that maps that have only one entry like Mines, Cliff and Outpost DO NOT WORK. Clearly Cliff has 3 inputs but BAD designed.
    In any case, you should completely modify Line 1 and 2 of that map because today that place in the Game does not make sense.

    Wargaming should give players the ability to modify existing game maps and then have it put to a vote on Official Forums for further testing on the SupertTest server.

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